One of the best parts of taking a Skillshare class is being able to utilize the skills you learn. The way we make this happen is with our project-based learning method. As students progress through the class, they are constantly working on their projects and making them better.
When we first launched our version of online classes, we allowed students to post their projects to the discussion section and receive feedback. We knew we wanted to improve it and are excited to announce the new dedicated Projects section.

Student Projects

Each class now has a separate section to house all of the amazing projects that students create. It allows them to showcase what they’ve made to the world.

Creating a Project

We’ve made creating a project super easy. Students choose a project a title, upload a cover photo, and fill in their project workspace. That’s it. We wanted it to be simple so students can focus on being as creative as they want.

The workspace area is where students organize the content of their project. It is an open canvas for them to lay out their project however they’d like. They can show images if they’re in a photography class, a bracelet if they’re in a jewelry class, or a business model if they’re in a startup class. It’s also great to lay it out in a way that shows the progression of the project so others can see the process they took throughout the class.

Managing a project is easy too. Simply edit a project to add or delete from the workspace, change the project title, or update the cover photo.

Liking and Leaving Feedback

One of the best parts of projects is when students receive feedback and use it to make their project better. To help with that, we’ve added the same comment stream used in discussions on each project. That way students, teachers, and anyone in between can help make each others’ projects better.

If you find a project that you think is great, give it a ‘Like’. It’s an easy way to tell the student that their project is awesome.

Some great examples

We’ve already seen a few students create awesome projects. Take a peek at Alex’s project “Nike Larkin Free Chukka“, Liane’s project “Green Planet Heroes“, or Mike’s project “Merit Bags“. They do a great job showing how they progressed throughout the class and explaining the process they used.

Go forth and create

You can check out the new projects section right now! Go to any of the classes you’re enrolled in and start exploring the amazing projects other students are creating. Don’t forget to add your own project to showcase the skills you’ve been learning. The feedback you’ll get will be very rewarding.

Written by:

Eric Ma