To show someone that you love them on Valentine's Day (or at any other time of year!), how about painting them a beautiful, personal watercolor? Follow these steps to paint a romantic silhouetted watercolor that can be framed and hung on the wall or given as a card.

1. Print This Outline of a Heart With Bird Silhouette

If you prefer, you can draw your own freehand instead of printing this template out.
If you prefer, you can draw your own freehand instead of printing this template out.

2. Sketch the Outline Onto Watercolor Paper

watercolor card

You can’t print directly onto watercolor paper, and regular printer paper isn’t suitable for watercolor painting. So, sketch your design onto watercolor paper first.

3. Select Your Colors

watercolor card

Orange, red (scarlet), and crimson work perfectly for Valentine’s Day designs because they’re associated with love and affection, but feel free to play with any of your favorite colors. 

After choosing your colors, test how they blend on a separate piece of watercolor paper.

4. Paint the Bird and Branch Silhouette 

watercolor card

Start the painting with the main silhouetted shapes in the center of the heart.

5. Paint the Details

watercolor card

Next, paint in the details with a finer brush—the smaller branches, flowers, and berries along the heart outline.

6. Let the Painting Dry

watercolor card

Once the paint is completely dry, erase any pencil marks that might be showing.

You can finish the painting at this point, or continue with the following steps to add further details.

7. Add White Details 

watercolor card

Using a gel pen or white gouache paint, you could add extra flowers, leaves, or berries, or paint feathers or other details onto your bird.

8. Add Personalized Messages

watercolor card

On a separate piece of paper, handwrite a personalized message to your Valentine and cut it out. You can shape this however you like.

9. Stick the Message to the Painting

watercolor card

Glue your personalized message to the card if you’re making a card, or to the edge of the frame if you’re making a piece to be put on the wall.

10. Gift Your Art to Someone You Love

watercolor card

They will appreciate the gift all the more, knowing it was made just for them.

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Written By

Irina Trzaskos

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