Do you have a long list of books on your to-read list, but nowhere to read them? Consider creating a reading nook—a space in your home that’s made just for turning pages. It doesn’t have to be large or fancy; it’s a place where you can simply relax and get away from the bustle of life so you can enjoy your latest literary pursuit. 

Eager to get reading? Learn how to create a reading nook in this guide. 

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What Is a Reading Nook? 

At its core, a reading nook is a place where you want to spend time with your favorite books. A reading nook can be as simple or elaborate as you like, ranging from a simple chair tucked in the corner of your room to an entire closet dedicated to reading. Ideally, it’s comfortable, well-lit, and tailored to you—so you can look forward to spending time there. 

How to Create a Reading Nook

Your reading nook should reflect your unique personality and preferences, but there are a few fundamental elements to take into consideration. 

Select Your Space 

Where should you put your reading nook? If you don’t have much extra space in your home, don’t worry. Unlike a home library, which generally requires more space, you can create a reading nook nearly anywhere, like a closet, window seat, or corner of a room. 

Also consider what happens in the space around your nook. If you set up your reading space in the corner of a high-traffic area of the house—like your kitchen or living room—you risk frequent interruptions. To ensure uninterrupted reading, choose a quiet area with little foot traffic, or add a room divider to section it off. 

little nook
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You don’t need a lot of space for a nook—even a small seating area is sufficient. 

Consider Your Reading Nook Lighting 

Lighting is especially important for a reading nook. If possible, create your nook by a window or door (or even in an outdoor space), so you can take advantage of natural light. Natural light is better for your eyes than fluorescent light, and research shows that it can boost your mood and productivity. 

However, if you don’t have a light-filled space, don’t worry. A lamp is a smart addition to any reading space, as you may want to take advantage of your nook during the evenings or on gloomy, rainy days. When selecting lighting, consider the following: 

  • Adjustability: It can be helpful to have an adjustable lamp, so you can precisely direct the light at your page.
  • High-quality light: Select an LED bulb with a high color rendering index (CRI)—generally, between 85 and 100—which can boost your ability to see contrast and make it easier to read the words on a page.
  • Bonus features: Want to add a phone charger to your nook? Look for a lamp that includes a USB outlet in its base. 

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Include Essential Reading Nook Furniture 

The most important element of a reading nook is a place to sit. This will look different based on where you decide to set up your nook, but it could include a comfy chair, recliner, love seat, or chaise. Or, if you prefer a seat closer to the floor, try a bean bag or a few plush pillows and cushions. Also consider how you like to position your body when you read. Do you like to stretch out your legs? You may also want to invest in an ottoman. 

What other reading nook furniture do you need? A side table can be useful—not only for storing a stack of books, but also somewhere to place a lamp, your cup of coffee or tea, or a vase of fresh flowers.  

chair in corner
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Include shelves or a side table for additional storage in your nook. 

Add Storage 

Of course, your nook should provide easy access to your current reading materials. You don’t have to fill the walls with bookshelves, of course, but consider how to incorporate storage for at least a few books. For example:

  • Hang a few cube shelves above your chair, which provide storage without taking up much wall real estate 
  • Add a wicker basket on the floor, which can work as a catch-all for books, blankets, and pillows
  • Choose a side table that includes a shelf or drawers for additional storage
  • Add a storage ottoman for the perfect place to rest your feet and hide your books

Style Your Space 

Finally, strive to make your space feel like you. If you want a calming, serene space, decorate in a neutral color palette. However, if you prefer a more lively, vibrant space, don’t be afraid to incorporate a rainbow of hues! 

Even in a small space, there are plenty of accents you can add to your nook to personalize it. Consider incorporating:

  • Wall art
  • Plants
  • Candles
  • A chandelier
chair in corner
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Whether you prefer a dark, moody space or a bright, colorful corner, make your nook unique to you. 

Lose Yourself In a Good Book

Reading is good for your mind and your soul, so make it a priority to create a space dedicated to it. Once you know how to create a reading nook that’s functional and unique to you, you’ll find it nearly irresistible to get lost in a good book on a regular basis. 

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Katie Wolf