It would be great if there was one universal file type that worked across programs, but unfortunately that’s not how computers work (yet…). So if you have a JPG image you’re trying to share, but need it to be in a PDF format, you may feel in a bind.

The good news is, it’s easy to learn how to convert a JPG to PDF—and all the options are free!

How to Convert JPG to PDF for Free

Converting on Mac

menu on mac
Source: Erin Greenawald 
How to change JPG to PDF on Mac using Preview.

If you’re using a Mac computer, simply open the image you want to convert in Preview, select File > Export as PDF, then save your PDF anywhere on your computer.

Convert JPG to PDF on Windows

jpg to pdfs
Source: Youtube
YouTube user Kevin Stratvert demonstrates how to change files on Windows using Microsoft Print to PDF.

On a Microsoft PC, open the image you want to convert in any program, click Print, and then select Microsoft Print to PDF from the printer dropdown menu. Instead of sending your documents to an actual printer, this will allow you to save them as a PDF.

Converting on Mobile

app store directions
Source: Microsoft
How to change files on iPhone using the Microsoft Office app.

Wondering how to convert JPGs to PDFs on the go? The easiest way is to download the free Microsoft Office app, available for iOS and Android. Go to the Actions menu and select Pictures to PDF. From there, you can choose photos from your phone, edit them, and then save and export them as PDFs.

Converting on Web

jpg to pdfs
Source: Small pdf
Smallpdf’s drag and drop JPG to PDF converter.

Finally, there are plenty of free online JPG to PDF converters that allow you to upload your images, convert them, and download them. Some give you editing capabilities as well, and many also make it easy to do the opposite and convert PDF to JPG. 

Options include:

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