Wish You Spent More Time on Your Hobbies? Find Out if You Can Get Paid for Them!

Do you find yourself wondering how you can make extra money on the side or expand your freelancing gigs? Well the good news is that you can translate your passions and personal interests into opportunities that pay, and there are things you’re already doing that would make an excellent source of income. No need to launch a job search or go back to school to majorly shift your profession, just take your hobbies to the next level and go make some money!

Sell Your Stuff Online

Do you spend your weekends refurbishing old pieces of furniture to give them more of a vintage look? Do you enjoy making your own jewelry or find yourself doodling and filling pages of your notebooks with endless sketches? Your craftsmanship could pay if you sold your your goods through a marketplace online. Many sites like Etsy make it easy for you to sell your work, and with the holiday season ahead, it’s the perfect time to cash in on what you love doing.


We spend more time than we think sharing our skills with the world around us. Maybe you help family members figure out how to use a new piece of technology, lend your expertise in business analytics to your coworkers, or enjoying knitting in your free time. You could be sharing your knowledge or expertise with a wider audience- teaching online is a side interest than can pay and our Teach Challenge is the absolute best way to get started. Did you know that on average new teachers make $1,400 in their first 6 months on the platform?


Often times early mornings or the weekends are the times when our creative selves are most productive. You may find yourself journaling or writing expressive creative pieces for fun. Or maybe you’re the person at your friend’s gallery opening helping to write a press release and get the word out about their latest collection. Take your writing skills to the next level, and pitch some pieces to bloggers. They’re always looking for fresh content and perspectives, and you could make $100 or more for a relatively short post of 250 to 500 words.

Life Coach

Some people have a knack for giving feedback and reviewing professional strategies, and do it regularly as an extra set of eyes on a last minute project. Do you find that you’re constantly being solicited for advice and feedback, or have a desire to help others? Start charging! Freelancing as a business or life coach is easy to get started with- start tapping into your network and you could be making upwards of $3,000 a month.

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