As a teacher, you might already know how to leverage your external networks to grow your Skillshare following and revenue by bringing your networks onto Skillshare. What you might not know is how to take that a step further to earn more money every single time you teach. The most successful teachers on Skillshare have figured out the magic formula, and leverage their Skillshare following and external networks to create a viral effect that earns them over $1000 in referrals every month.

The best part about this is that everyone teaching on Skillshare can do this with the online profiles you already have! We’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps you can start doing every time you publish a class to earn big.

Before you get started, the 3 things you need:

  1. Blog or Website w/ subscriber option (don’t have a personal site? We recommend Squarespace!)

  2. Instagram, YouTube channel, and/or Facebook fan page

  3. Your Skillshare channel

Step 1: Add your social media and website to your Skillshare channel

Make sure you’ve added all your social profiles and website to your Skillshare profile so students on Skillshare can find and follow you on your favorite platforms.

Jamie Bartlett's Skillshare profile

See how Jamie’s attached her website in her settings, but also links to her goods shop, Instagram and Dribbble in her Bio section.

Step 2: Publish your Skillshare class

In your new class, feel free to tell your students at the end of class to follow you off of Skillshare on your website or social channels. Now, you are starting to turn your Skillshare following into followers on other channels.

Step 3: Announce your new class on social media

Let your followers know you’ve published a class on Skillshare by posting a bite-sized video on your Youtube channel and a compelling image on Instagram. Make sure on social, you have your referral link to your new class and a permanent link to your website.

Teela Cunningham uses her Instagram account to market her Skillshare classes

Post a cute image from your class when you publish, and don’t forget to link to Skillshare! 

Step 4: Announce your class to your blog followers

Listing your classes with evergreen links on a section of your blog is a great way to always be earning referrals even when you don’t have a new class out. However, when you do release a new class, here’s how to really take advantage. As people subscribe to your blog, finding it through Skillshare and social media, you’ll start to build an email list. When you publish a new class, email those people about the new class with your referral link, along with any additional content, new products or life updates.

Having a blog newsletter or list is one of the best ways to keep contact with your followers!

Add a call for readers on your blog to sign up for future posts, like your next class! 

Step 5: Grow your following, earn more money, then repeat!

Now, both your Skillshare following, website email list, and social media following have all grown. When you release a new class, you’ll have even more students watching your class and signing up through your referral links. Repeat steps 1 to 5 every time you publish and see your payments increase!

Written by:

Nicole Kamra