There’s nothing quite like the feeling of making something with your own two hands. With each hook of looped yarn or stitch of needle and thread, you get to be creative all while enjoying a moment just for you.

Whether you’ve been an art aficionado from the start or you’re just dipping your toes into the world of handicraft, the benefits of adding a new creative skill to your repertoire are endless.

Learning new creative skills at any age can help you feel more fulfilled and boost cognitive function. From printing your own 3D jewelry to hand sculpting a succulent necklace out of clay, you can find thousands of ways to get crafty—and reap the benefits of your new skill. 

Choosing the Right Craft for You

Stumped about where to begin? Consider what you’re already drawn to. What handmade products do you already have in your home? Do you have fond memories crafting something specific with a loved one? Take a second to audit your home and life and see what art you already feel a connection to. 

Another thing to consider when choosing online craft classes is the tools and materials you might need to complete your creative project, and the suggested age level. If you find yourself torn between multimedia sewing or fabric illustration, why not take a crack at both? 

Modern Crochet: Essential Skills for Getting Started

Four square-shaped crochet coasters sit on a wooden table next to a bundle of yellow yarn and two hands ready to get crafting. The first two coasters are striped white and blue and white and red. The last two are color-blocked. One is black and white and the other is yellow and white.
No matter whether you make striped crocheted coasters, color-blocked ones, or something completely unique to you, this project is sure to bring both joy and value. Still from Skillshare Class Modern Crochet: Essential Skills for Getting Started by Toni Lipsey.

You’ll leave this class with a lot more than a set of crocheted coasters. As you work your way toward a stylish accessory to prevent those pesky water marks, you’ll also learn how to assemble a crochet kit and choose the right yarn for any crochet project. In no time, you’ll be a master of both the single and double crochet stitch.

Learn Blender: Creative and 3D Printable Jewelry Design

Within the 3D design software, Blender, sits a gray ring with a large cursive letter “P” stamped into it.
Jewelry making and 3D design combine in the best way in this 3D printable ring creation class. Still from Skillshare Class Learn Blender: Creative and 3D Printable Jewelry Design by Gesa Pickbrenner.

With this jewelry design project, you can bring your dream ring right off the screen and onto your finger. Using Blender 3D software, your teacher will reveal how to engrave, sculpt and refine your design for a final product as unique as you. Plus, when you’re finished you’ll be able to use 3D printing to bring your ring to life. 

How to Make a Kentucky Stick Chair

A wooden chair sits in a lush green garden. A woman with blonde hair and a rust-colored jacket sets a second wooden chair next to the first one.
Can’t find the perfect wooden chair to enjoy a sunny day in your garden or a cozy evening by the fire? Make one! Still from Skillshare Class How to make a Kentucky Stick Chair by Auke & Jildou.

If minimalist, timeless, and natural are words you’d use to describe your style, you’ll love this craft class on how to make a Kentucky stick chair. Packed with basic woodworking lessons as well as expertly informed design insights, you’ll finish this class with a brand new garden chair plus carpentry skills you can use for countless projects to come.

Latch Hook Basics: Make Your Own Rug

On a white, plush carpet two hands use a latch hook to add bubblegum pink yarn onto a gridded latch hook canvas.
Some say it only takes one latch hooking class to be hooked on the craft yourself! Still from Skillshare Class Latch Hook Basics: Make Your Own Rug by Floor Giebels.

Pillows, rugs and wall hangings are just a few of the practical and pretty art pieces you can add to your home with latch hooking. Known for both its ease and beauty, this class will lead you through the basics of latch hooking as you bring a latch hook pattern to life.

From crafting your own unique pattern to the foundational skills needed to use a latch hook, this class is perfect for anyone looking to dive into some hands-on crafts. 

Mixed Media Sewing: Blend Painting, Embroidery, & Sewing

A pink-nailed hand outlines a light blue hand-painted mushroom with stitches of bright blue thread.
A project for multi-passionate crafters, this hand-sewn, painted, and embroidered pouch will leave you wowed. Still from Skillshare Class Mixed Media Sewing: Blend Painting, Embroidery, & Sewing by Amy Plante.

With all of the fun that can be had when painting, embroidering, or sewing, it can be hard to choose just one as your creative hobby. This mixed media sewing project combines all three crafts into one as you create a colorful, hand-crafted zipper pouch.

You’ll combine the fluid gestures of painting with the steady hand of sewing to reveal a unique and functional work of art you can enjoy even after this fun project comes to an end. 

Adventures with Yarn: Modern Punch Needle for Beginners

Two hands sit next to an abstract punch needling square. The brown, red, teal, light pink and white square is framed in a light brown wood and rests on a wooden table.
This punch needling project will add color and texture to any space. Still from Skillshare Class Adventures with Yarn: Modern Punch Needle for Beginners by Floor Giebels.

As you create this simple, abstract art piece, you’ll also discover the ease and joy of punch needling. Known for both its speed and beauty, punch needling has been loved by artists for centuries.

From building blocks, to planning your pattern all the way, to framing your final piece, you’ll leave this class with a work of original art and a new hobby!

How to Illustrate with Fabric & Thread: The Art of Fusible Appliqué

Yellow, pink and orange flowers are stitched onto a green background using red and magenta thread.
Build a whole bouquet or just add a flower or two to your fabric canvas. Still from Skillshare Class How to Illustrate with Fabric & Thread: The Art of Fusible Appliqué by Lauren Weber.

When some think of illustration, they think of colorful oil pastels and clinking colored pencils. But illustration takes a whole new form in this class as you learn to create with fabric and thread through the art of fusible appliqué.

A type of fabric-based collage, fusible appliqué opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to quilting and sewing. Using what sparks joy for you, you’ll create your very own illustration with chunks of fabric and purposely placed stitches.

1 Pillow – 7 Sewing Machine Skills for Beginners

An orange and pink color-blocked pillow sits on a gray couch.
A cozy and stylish addition to any bed or couch, this pillow-making project is perfect if you’re just diving into sewing. Still from Skillshare Class 1 Pillow – 7 Sewing Machine Skills for Beginners by Amy Plante.

Whether you’re piecing together quilts with your grandmother or adding lace to a luxurious wedding gown, the basic skills you need to complete sewing projects stay the same.

With this color-blocked pillowcase-making class, you’ll learn seven essential sewing skills and finish the class with the fundamental knowledge to take your sewing to the next level. 

How to Make a Succulent Necklace: Jewelry & Sculpting Tutorial

A woman in a navy blue shirt holds a blue and green succulent necklace sculpted from polymer clay.
This succulent-inspired necklace might just be the perfect piece of jewelry for nature and craft lovers alike. Still from Skillshare Class How to Make a Succulent Necklace: Jewelry & Sculpting Tutorial by Stephanie Kilgast.

Welcome to the versatile and colorful world of polymer clay! Here, all you need is a little bit of creativity and sculpting to turn a slab of clay into a beautiful piece of wearable art. In this class, you’ll learn how to make a timeless necklace inspired by the hardy succulent plant. 

Craft it Up!

You’re on your way to creating a piece of art you can treasure forever. If you already finished a class and you’re wondering what to do next, remember to let your inner creative voice guide you. 

With so many incredible crafting ideas, you can’t make a wrong choice–only an inspired one!

Written by:

Calli Zarpas