At Skillshare, we believe that everyone can teach, and that’s why we’ve made teaching as easy and accessible as possible. With tons of DIY resources, informative tutorials, and helpful programs like our monthly Teach Challenge, teaching on Skillshare is a great way to earn money and share you skills with a learning community of over one million students.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of creating a bite-sized class on Skillshare – with a real-life example:

Meet Dominique. By day, Dominique is a full-time Digital Marketer based in Brooklyn, New York. Over the past few months, she has started experimenting with film photography as a side hobby. Though Dominique has never taken a photography class and considers herself a true novice, she has picked up a few tips and tricks and has started developing her own creative process with photography.

After stumbling across a Skillshare Teach Challenge, Dominique decides to give teaching a try to earn some extra money and connect with other like-minded photographers.


Step 1: Identifies her specific class topic.

First, Dominique crafts a class topic that is specific, focused, and engaging. Instead of choosing a broad class topic like “Film Photography Basics,” she selects a specialized topic around capturing a friend’s personality with film photography. Her topic is themed and clear; Dominique can focus on this specific technique and won’t need to go too deep into any core photography fundamentals.

Step 2: Outlines her class.

Now that Dominique knows her class topic, it’s time for her to outline her class video lessons.

She uses this outline template to break down her creative process into multiple video lessons and sketch out her main talking points. She estimates her class will be around 20-minutes long and will focus on choosing the right film camera, finding a location, and directing a friend in front of the camera. Before finalizing her outline, Dominique watches a few photography classes on Skillshare to see what other teachers have shared. She notices that some teachers share personal tips and tricks, and decides to pepper in a few herself.


Step 3: Films her class.

Now that Dominique’s outline is complete, she’s ready to film!

To prepare for filming, she recites her talking points out loud and refers to our Teaching with Confidence Guide. Since most of the class will showcase Dominique talking directly to the camera, she uses her iPhone and a stack of books, as a tripod, to create a simple at-home video setup.  As she films, Dominique keeps her class outline with her as reference and reviews each lesson’s talking points before recording herself.

She then uploads her raw footage onto her laptop and uses iMovie to make a few basic video edits.


Step 4: Publishes!

Once Dominique’s class footage is ready to go, she uploads her class videos to Skillshare’s class creator. She optimizes her class for discovery by drafting a clear class title, uploading an engaging cover image, and adding a few popular class tags. Then, she clicks the blue publish button and starts marketing her class to her external community.

As a first time teacher, Dominique was able to plan her class content, film, and click publish in just 30 days! Skillshare’s format made it easy for Dominique to create a 20-minute class and earn extra money by sharing her new-found photography skills with the Skillshare learning community.

Interested in teaching a class of your own? Head to this month’s Teach Challenge to get started.

Written by:

Nicole Kamra