You’re at that point: You published your first class on Skillshare and you’re hungry for more. You might already have a few class ideas floating around, but you also might be left wondering: Will this resonate with my students? Will this topic fall flat? In this post, we uncover four savvy tips to help you strategically choose your second class topic and ensure your second class is set up for success.

Stick with what worked

Your first class is a great opportunity to observe what resonates and what doesn’t. By looking into your first class, you can leverage your learnings into choosing an amazing topic for class number two. Since you’ve already built a small student following around your first class, try to recapture their attention with a consistent second class topic! For example, Business teacher Laurie Wang created a successful first class around starting a blog and then brainstormed ways she could lean into that initial success. Her next class focused on monetizing your blog, which is a logical build off her first class’ main themes and learnings. Check out her channel here.

Plan for long-form content

Teachers on Skillshare earn revenue based on the number minutes watched across all of their classes each month. With that in mind, classes that are over 25 minutes are seeing greater return since they offer more opportunity to capture minutes watched than their bite-sized counterpart. While the class topic should guide the class length-  consider choosing a class topic that will allow you to get through with your process and learnings. Pro tip: You can combine bitesize classes topics into one long form class. For example, if you want to create a bitesize class around 3D hand lettering, think through ways you can share multiple hand lettering techniques to expand your class content.

Lean into industry trends

Do some research and gather some inspiration to find out what’s relevant! We recommend leveraging platforms like Instagram, Behance, Pinterest, Vimeo and even Skillshare to spot new trends. Take note of any patterns or general themes you spot and see if your findings can inspire your second class topic! For example, Animation teacher Jake Bartlett noticed that hand lettering classes were trending on Skillshare and that GIFs were especially popular on Behance. Feeding off those interests, he created multiple classes that combined these two trends! Check out his channel here.

Listen to your students

Some of your best ideas come from your students. Leverage your discussion board and find out what your students want to learn next! Check out this example where Illustrator Tom Froese asks his students what they’d like to dive into. Pro tip: Offer two to three class ideas you’re playing around with and see which ones yields the most interest. Sometimes students need a few options to choose from!

By following these tips, you’ll be able to teach a more impactful second class. We encourage you to experiment along the way and continually take note of what sticks. Like any skill, teaching on Skillshare takes time and practice, but through consistent teaching and thoughtful planning, you’re sure to see success!

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Danielle Keita-Taguchi

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