Ready to get serious about Skillshare and earn more passive income? In this post, we’ll share proven strategies to help you maximize your monthly revenue.

Publish Classes on a Regular Basis

We can’t stress this enough: the best way to earn consistent revenue is to regularly publish new classes. Each new class you post is an opportunity to engage your existing students, capture new student followers, and earn more minutes watched. Keep in mind, new classes have the highest potential to trend on our class listings page and get recommended on our homepage. That means, publishing new classes on a regular basis ensures you always have a visible presence, making your Skillshare channel more discoverable to the community! The other major benefit?  If a new student spots your class on their homepage, they’re likely to watch a handful of your older classes, which means you’ll be compensated for content you made months, or even years ago!

Class Topic Matters, Choose Wisely

The rumors are real: class topic matters on Skillshare. When you’re creating your next class, be sure to do some research and identify what topic will resonate best with your followers and the Skillshare community at large. The right class topic will increase the engagement and minutes watched in your class, which means more revenue! In this post, four of our share teachers share their tips for choosing the perfect class topic. Looking for your own creative spark? Check out these helpful brainstorming strategies that will get you to your next class topic.

Engage Your Student Followers

Creating an engaged and inspired learning environment on your Skillshare channel is the best way to build a strong and loyal following. When students feel connected to you, they’re more likely to watch the new classes you publish. We recommend hosting a contest in your class to inspire project creation and encourage students to share their work with one another! Be sure to leverage the discussion feature to spark conversations between students and keep them up to date on your creative projects (even non-Skillshare related ones!). For more tips on building an engaged audience, check out this quick article in our Teacher Handbook.

Market Your Classes to Your Own Community

Marketing your classes to your own network of friends, family, and followers allows you to continue building credibility on the platform. When Skillshare students see others following your channel, posting projects, and leaving positive reviews, they are more likely to watch your classes. This kind of activity and engagement across your channel signals to students that you are a teacher with classes worth investing time in. You can start marketing your channel with the classes you have now, and every time you publish a new class, you’ll have a new opportunity to market your channel. For more tips on marketing your classes, check out this quick post that shares five creative ways to market your channel.

Invest Into Your Channel Brand

Investing into your brand–from a teacher, curriculum, and merchandising perspective–can go a long way in earning you more revenue over time. Your channel’s brand should represent who you are as a teacher. Think about what you want students to associate your class catalog with. For example, do you want to offer an inspirational take on pencil sketching or a more serious approach to floral pattern design? Whatever it might be, take some time to think through your ideas and set your vision. Feel free to use this planning doc to set a few measurable goals, and define your channel brand. When you develop a consistent, comprehensive channel, you’ll attract new students and keep them coming back for more. We encourage you to build a channel that aligns well with your target student profile, your class content, and most importantly, you! Check out a few inspirational channel brands here.

We encourage you to experiment, try new tactics and see what resonates best with your student audience. We recommend learning from your first few classes and always focus  your efforts on what works best for you!


Written by:

Danielle Keita-Taguchi