Each month, Skillshare launches a thirty-day Teach Challenge that guides new teachers, like you, through the full process of creating their first class. With milestones, prizes, and tons of support along the way, the Teach Challenge is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with other new teachers and one of the best ways to start teaching on Skillshare.

Believe it or not, some of our most successful teachers on the platform got their start teaching through a monthly Teach Challenge (like top Teacher Jake Bartlett). They weren’t asked to teach or recommended to make a class; instead, like you, they’re people who are passionate about what they do and eager to share their skills with others.

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This month, we asked a few of the 2015 Teach Challenge winners to reflect on their experiences, and share some of their personal insights and tips for becoming a great teacher!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new teacher on Skillshare?

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“Pick a subject that truly excites you. Your enthusiasm for your topic is contagious and people will be able to connect with your authentic passion.”

“It’s not as scary as it looks. The whole process seems daunting from the starting point, but if you use the resources available you will be teaching your first class in no time!”

“Browse through the most popular classes on Skillshare and compare those to your skills and passions. What can you add to the Skillshare community that is unique and hasn’t already been covered? Your enthusiasm for your subject will motivate your students to sign up and learn something new.”

How did you prepare to film your class? Any tips on preparing beforehand?

“I create an outline for the information I want to cover. Then I cut out the redundant points and stuff not really needed. You want to get to the point with only the best words that describe your thoughts.”

“Without fail I want to discard my videos right after taking them. They are never as polished as I imagined! But I give the same material a couple more tries and then wait a day or two. It’s easy to be self-critical. But after you step away and come back to your filming with fresh eyes, you’re able to make wise cuts.”

“I get nervous each and every time. Public speaking is not my forte, although there is no public physically there, it’s still intimidating. I do a few practice runs and after a while you feels like if you’re holding a casual conversation. At times I forget I’m recording.”

What’s been your favorite part of teaching on Skillshare?

“For me, teaching is an exchange of knowledge— I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me. Skillshare has also been a great way to form connections with other creative professionals.”

“I enjoy teaching what I have learned in my experiences and I find that sharing actually reinforces my skills. I also learn new things myself from both my research and my students.”

“The most rewarding part is witnessing the magic of other people embracing their creativity and having fun with their art. Being able to be part of that process with them — engaging and interacting with them as it unfolds — is such a gift.”

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Written by:

Nicole Kamra