If you walk into a brasserie for lunch in Paris, you’ll probably see an egg-topped croque madame on the menu. In the United States, you’re more likely to find the locals enjoying over easy eggs with a side of bacon at a family diner.

Despite the differences in preparation, eggs are a staple in meals around the world. And in Anglophone countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, eggs over easy are one of the most popular preparations. 

If you’ve ever enjoyed a plate of buttery fried eggs, you’ll know that this simple meal packs a big punch. Learning how to make over easy eggs can be just as satisfying as eating them. 

Making Over Easy Eggs

Getting the flick of the wrist just right when flipping your eggs is just one piece of learning how to cook over easy eggs. 

Ingredients, Assemble!

The first piece of the puzzle will be gathering the number of eggs you want to cook today. Next, grab your nearest nonstick pan. Other pans like stainless steel can work if you use enough oil, but nonstick is easiest. 

If you want to cook one to two eggs, an 8 inch pan will work best, but any size pan will get the job done. Finally, you’ll want to find some butter or oil. Butter will give your eggs that soft, creamy taste. Oil will give your eggs a crispy edge for some extra crunch. 

Turn Up the Heat

A hand turns up the heat on a gas stove. A non-stick pan sits to the left of the flame.
Still from Skillshare Class Restaurant Kitchen Basics: Cooking with Eggs Mini Course by Steve Katsandres
Heat plays a big role in keeping your eggs not too runny and not too crisp. 

Now that you’re all fired up about making a fried egg over easy, it’s time to turn your stove to medium-high heat. Then, heat your pan up a little and add in your butter or oil of choice. 

As soon as your butter starts to glide across your pan, it’s time to really get to cooking eggs!

Crack Open Those Eggs

Two fried eggs sit in a small pan. The pan rests on a burner with a small flame blazing
Still from Skillshare Class Restaurant Kitchen Basics: Cooking with Eggs Mini Course by Steve Katsandres
Two eggs fit perfectly in this eight inch pan. 

It’s time to hear that satisfying sizzle of your eggs hitting the hot pan. Crack them directly onto the pan one at a time. If your egg whites instantly begin turning from clear to opaque you’re on the right track. Now, wait until almost all of the egg white sets as you prepare for the big finale. 

Flip Your Eggs

If you’re not sure if your eggs are ready to be flipped, grab a spatula or fork. If they’re beginning to get a little golden on the bottom, that’s perfect! If you’re just frying one egg, you can use a spatula to turn your egg over. 

If you have two or three eggs all together in the same pan, flipping them by flicking your wrist can be easier. Start by sliding your eggs to the edge of your pan before tossing your pan slightly forward and upward. 

Turning your eggs over without a spatula might take a few tries and that’s okay. You’re just a few broken yokes away from being an expert egg flipper. 

Dish Out Some Deliciousness

Finally, let your eggs rest for about 5 seconds in the pan. Too much longer and you’ll have over medium eggs instead of over easy. Then, glide your eggs out of the pan and onto a plate, season with salt and pepper and enjoy. 

Tips for Perfect Over Easy Eggs

If you’re looking for how to make eggs next-level delicious, you can season your eggs with salt as they cook. Adding the salt early on in the process will make your eggs even more tender and moist. For the pepper, wait until the very end. If your pepper gets too much contact with that fiery pan, it will burn and lose its flavor. 

Someone flips a fried egg in a pan in a commercial kitchen. An arrow and the words “Notice the height of the flip” are written on the left side.
Still from Skillshare Class Restaurant Kitchen Basics: Cooking with Eggs Mini Course by Steve Katsandres
Tossing your egg high will help you catch it more smoothly.

Another thing that makes perfect over easy eggs is keeping your toss high. This will give you more time to catch your egg with care. 

What’s Better? Eggs Over Easy vs Over Medium

If you prefer your yolks a little less runny, you’ll want to make over medium eggs instead of over easy. To get that perfect medium-hard yolk, just leave your flipped egg in the pan for an extra ten seconds. 

Cooking on the Bright Side 

For these fried eggs, instead of turning them over midway through, you let them cook until the white sets. This leaves the yolk shining up towards you just like the sun, hence their sunny side up name. 

Just cook the egg with lower heat for a longer amount of time or cover your pan with a lid to allow all the white to cook. And remember, over easy eggs aren’t always better than sunny side up. When deciding between sunny side up eggs vs over easy, try them both and see what you like best!

Over Easy Egg Recipes

There are so many different ways to cook eggs. But, there are also a lot of creative ways to use a crisp, gooey over easy egg. 

Delicious Dishes

All you need is one good over easy eggs recipe and you’ll have an inexpensive, easy to make dish that you can make for years to come. A few you might try are: 

  • Rice bowl with steamed broccoli, tofu, topped with a fried egg
  • Bacon lettuce tomato (BLT) and egg sandwich
  • Fried rice with fried eggs
  • Shakshuka
  • Try adding an over-easy egg to your favorite dishes, such as pizzas, salads, or burgers

Switch Things Up 

If you’re looking for some variation in your egg-based dishes, try some other preparation styles. Whether you decide on making a poached egg or making over easy eggs in the oven, changing the way you cook your eggs and the spices you add to them can completely change a meal.  

Egg-cellent Work!

Learning how to fry an egg over easy comes with its challenges, but you can overcome each of them. Now that you’ve enjoyed your simple yet scrumptious meal, feel free to get creative. Maybe over the next few weeks, you can try a different egg dish every Sunday morning.

Start to have fun and experiment with your egg preparation. You might prefer a fruity olive oil or even smoky bacon grease when cooking fried eggs. The best eggs are the ones you enjoy the most!

Learn to Make Eggs From the Pros

Restaurant Kitchen Basics: Cooking with Eggs Mini Course 

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