We’re looking for professionals to share their expertise by teaching a business class on Skillshare – and we’re starting with a special promotion for our own community!  

Not only are business classes in super high demand on Skillshare, but business is also one of the most popular topics all across online learning. Already, dozens of our community members have grown their brands, established followings, and earned passive income teaching business on Skillshare. Business consultant Luna Vega has even said that Skillshare had the best ROI of any social platform she used to grow her business. Needless to say, we think there is huge opportunity!

So, what’s this promotion?

10 teachers who publish the best classes in any of the 5 topics listed below by April 30th will win a $150 bonus and have their class featured on Skillshare for two weeks. New and current teachers are welcome to participate and all you have to do to get started is fill out the form below (Terms + Conditions Apply).

Once you have signed up, definitely join the Teach Challenge to get started making your class. It runs from April 1st – 30th — so it aligns perfectly with the promotion — and walks you through exactly how to make a high quality class!

Business Class Topics Were Looking For:

  1. Paid Facebook Advertising

    1. We would love a broad class on paid Facebook advertising or something more specific, like a class on retargeting or sponsored content.

  2. Project Management

    1. These classes can range from an overview of principles & best practices to an in-depth look at one particular project management tool.

  3. Product Management

    1. This class could be more technical and cover product management software and tools, or instead discuss broad principles on how to think about product management as a business owner.

  4. Business Analytics

    1. Tableau, Excel, and SQL classes are all in high demand! Consider teaching modeling or business planning and tracking in any of these tools.

  5. People Operations

    1. These classes should focus on a particular area of people management as much as possible such as recruiting, on boarding, or new manager training.

And don’t worry! If none of these topics speak to you, go ahead and get started on a business class on the topic of your choice in our Teach Challenge.