Charcuterie boards have come a long way from their classic French roots. Originally just a plate with a variety of meats, today’s charcuterie boards have exploded into a collection of creative snacks, sweets, and salty goodies. One of the most delicious things about a charcuterie board is that it can be crafted for an array of different holidays, events and themes. 

This time of year, a halloween charcuterie board makes the perfect addition to any holiday get-together or family dinner. With curated inspiration and guidance at your fingertips, you’ll become a master board builder. 

Meet the Halloween Charcuterie Board

Halloween charcuterie boards usually contain a lot of the same food items as your classic boards. Traditional cheeses, meats, crackers and sweets can all become halloween themed by some creative additions and transformations.

A hunk of creamy brie shifts into a spooky coffin with a few perfectly placed cuts. Even olives can transform into eerie eyeballs with the addition of a mini mozzarella ball. 

Pumpkins, gourds, a skeleton hand, and plastic spider are sprinkled throughout a collection of crackers, cheeses, olives, candy corn, fruit, and meat.
Photo by Jeniphoto on iStock
A few well-placed Halloween-themed props go a long way.

You can also sprinkle props around your board to add an extra scary feel with creepy crawlies like plastic spiders or a bony skeleton hand.

There are dozens of ways to add a Halloween feel to your charcuterie board, but the best Halloween charcuterie board will only come to fruition when aligned to your exact goals and tastes. 

Eerily Enjoyable Halloween Charcuterie Board Ideas

When you first start planning your board, you’ll want to choose the overall feel for your snacking centerpiece. Are you looking for something supernatural for a costume party? You might add some creepy props to your grocery list.

Do you want something a little more classic? Pop on the miniature pumpkins and leaf-shaped crackers for an autumnal aesthetic. 

Once you’ve landed on the overall aesthetic of your Halloween-themed charcuterie board, you’ll want to select your flavors. If you’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, you can add some gummy worms or go with a chocolate charcuterie board.

For more savory boards, try your hand at “fingers” of rolled meats or veggie sticks and gather some ghost-shaped cheese bites. 

Finally, consider any dietary restrictions your guests might have. You might want to make a vegetarian charcuterie board if you’re already offering a lot of meat-based dishes. It’s also important to check in with any food sensitivities so you don’t fill your board with nut-based snacks only to find out someone has a serious allergy. 

Now that you’ve narrowed down your theme and flavors, you’re ready to get some specific inspiration and really learn how to make a halloween charcuterie board. 

Creepy Candy Board

Starting off sweet, a Halloween candy charcuterie board is always a crowd pleaser. Perfect for a Halloween movie viewing party or a way to use up some extra trick-or-treating candy, you’ll love the flexibility of a candy board. 

Luckily, candy reigns king during the halloween season and there are a ton of halloween themed treats that you can find pre-made at the grocery store. Candy corn, Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins, and gummy worms, bats, and body parts all add a sweet Halloween feel. 

A board filled with candy corn, lollipops, chocolate-covered pretzels, and gummies are surrounded by Halloween-themed toothpick toppers.
Photo by MillefloreImages on iStock
Halloween candy gets a classy makeover with a Halloween candy board.

If you only have regular candy on hand, that’s perfect too. You can transform any classic candy board into a Halloween one by adding in some props. Popular options include spiders, skeletons, bats, jack-o-lanterns, and vampire fangs, but feel free to get creative with whatever you have around the house.

Delicious Dessert Board

If candy isn’t your thing, but you’re still looking for a sweet option, a Halloween dessert charcuterie board will always have your guests coming back for seconds. Most grocery stores offer Halloween-themed desserts like cupcakes and cookies.

Look for seasonal offerings at specialty grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, which might have some more unique options. 

If you’re looking to get really creative and want to avoid anything store-bought, there are a few easy ways to get your Halloween dessert board looking drop dead delicious.

Consider “wrapping” strawberries, pretzel sticks or cookies in white mummy gauze by drizzling it in white chocolate. Just leave a small crack without chocolate and add two dabs of dark chocolate or candy eyes so it looks like your dessert mummies are peering out at you. 

You can also use cookie cutters to mold classic brownies, cookies, or rice crispy treats into Halloween-themed shapes like bats, ghosts, and pumpkins. For something on the healthier side, a fruit charcuterie board also works well during Halloween. 

A few other candy-coated creative ideas include:

  • Frankenstein rice crispy treats with green food coloring and dark chocolate
  • Eyeball cake balls
  • Chocolate spider webs
  • Witch hats with chocolate covered cookies as the brim and a chocolate kiss at the point
  • White chocolate-covered nutter butter ghosts

Frighteningly Fun Charcuterie Board Ideas

Here’s the part where your charcuterie board for Halloween gets scary good. With horror movies, full moons, and black cats running rampant, Halloween is debatably the creepiest American holiday. So why not try making a spooky Halloween charcuterie board? 

A lot of Halloween themes and icons fall into the thriller category, which makes crafting this halloween charcuterie board pretty easy. You can add any of the scarier ideas from the candy and dessert boards, but here savory snacks will be the star of the show.

A variety of fruits, meat, cheese, and crackers sit on a dark granite background. A plastic spider and eyeball-inspired mozzarella balls play off the Halloween themed charcuterie board.
Photo by Jeniphoto on iStock
Who knew how spooky mozzarella cheese and olives could be when paired together to make eyeballs?

Adding eyes to a number of savory goodies like carrots, celery sticks and pretzels can turn any classic snack into mini monsters. You can also compile a variety of orange and brown snacks and organize them in the form of a scary jack-o-lantern.

For skull- and skeleton-themed Halloween charcuterie boards, you can create skulls out of prosciutto or deviled eggs. For an extra terrifying treat, buy a miniature skeleton and fill its ribcage with snacks. 

Here are some other creepy snacks that might inspire you:

  • Bone-shaped breadsticks
  • Mummy pigs-in-a-blanket by wrapping thin strings of crescent rolls around a hot dog and adding eyes
  • Monster Cookies like witches’ fingers cookies
  • Jack-o-lantern quesadillas 
  • Cheese ball spiders with pretzel legs

The Lighter Side of Halloween Fare

Just because the word “Halloween” conjures up images of candy doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a healthy Halloween charcuterie board. With a few easy swaps and new healthier additions to your board, a classic Halloween charcuterie board can be made over to something nutritious and delicious.

Try making mini pumpkins with fresh mandarin oranges and a piece of celery as the stem. Bananas can be turned into spooky ghosts by adding two mini chocolate chips for eyes and a larger chocolate chip for the mouth.

Even witches’ fingers cookies can become healthier by switching out cookies for celery sticks for the finger and an almond for the nail. 

Other healthy Halloween snacks you can include on your board are things like:

  • Monster apple slices
  • Pretzel and cheese witches’ brooms
  • Skeleton veggie board
  • Jack-o-lantern peppers
  • Spiders on a log

Your Halloween Charcuterie Board Will Be Spooktacular

Halloween is the perfect excuse for a get-together with your loved ones and a mouthwatering charcuterie board. Now that you’ve narrowed down the overall feel and flavor of your board, it’s time to start putting it together.

Consider scrolling through Pinterest and Google Images for even more inspiration or asking your friends and family for input. No matter what you decide, your Halloween charcuterie board will be ready to spook spruce up any Halloween soirée.

Written by:

Calli Zarpas