If you’re looking for extra cash to pad your grocery budget or want to add a significant slice to your income pie, look no further than an online side hustle.

Teachers on Skillshare use their spare time, starting at just one weekend a month, to share their passions and get paid for it. Take a look at how a few of our teachers seamlessly incorporate their side hustle on Skillshare into their workflow and make money doing it.

Keep your 9-to-5, make money on the side

Hazirah Kadir is a business owner and parent who uses her free time to pursue her side hustle on Skillshare. When she’s not working or taking care of her daughter, she uses nights and weekends to create her Skillshare classes. “I love how flexible it is and you can create classes at your own pace. It also works out great as I am a mom of a toddler and you know how busy life can get! I only work on my class when my daughter is napping and it usually takes me anywhere between 5 days to a week in order for me to finish a class.”

Earning passive income was a big driver for Hazirah to choose teaching on Skillshare as her side hustle. “I love the concept of only having to put in the upfront work but have the ability to make money with it month in and month out.” She has brought home over $2,800 in passive income, with monthly earnings ranging from $300 to over $1K.

Expand your freelance flow

Culinary teacher, Marie Asselin, works as freelance food writer and translator. Expanding her freelance portfolio to include teaching on Skillshare was a no brainer. Before Marie began teaching on Skillshare, she was nervous to get started, as she had never filmed herself before. But Marie’s first class – How to Make French Macarons – was a big success. Reflecting on the experience of sharing her culinary skills, Marie noted “the platform gave me confidence to give it a try, and since teaching my first Skillshare class, I’ve started teaching in-person classes too, and I’ve kept on doing video both for Skillshare and on my blog.”

Since she started teaching on Skillshare, Marie has published three classes on her favorite cooking techniques, from macarons to gelato, and has earned over $5,000. On average, Marie takes home $350 a month, which supplements her income as a freelancer, allowing her to continue pursuing her culinary passions.

Turn your side hustle into your career

Graphic designer and coder, Rich Armstrong, started his career working full-time at design studio. After constantly fielding questions from his coworkers, he decided it was time to share his skills on a larger scale. Now Rich pursues his passion for design and coding by publishing classes regularly on both topics. Introducing Skillshare as a side hustle lead him to leave his 9-to-5 behind and transition to a full-time freelance career. “I’ve started to see teaching on Skillshare as my primary ‘thing’. I now spend 3-4 hours of my day doing something teaching-related, and fill the rest with client work, research, and more teaching stuff if I can.”

Since teaching on Skillshare, Rich has earned over $14K, playing a significant role in his monthly income. His Skillshare earnings allowed him to start his own studio, move to Amsterdam, and travel the world.

Whether you’re looking for some extra income, want to diversify your freelance work, or turn your passion into a full-time career, starting a side hustle on Skillshare is your first step.

Written by:

Mary Findley