Damanick Dantes is a Chartered Market Technician who runs his own trading platform, Dantes Outlook. In addition to keeping a pulse on trading opportunities all over the globe, Damanick is a Skillshare teacher and has coached thousands of students towards confidence in their own trading and investments. Since empowering individuals to reach their potential is one of our core values, we checked in with Damanick about his path to success and plans for the future.


Tell us a bit about your profession. 

I am an investment professional. My independent duties involve global macro trading and research through Dantes Outlook. I love what I do and pride myself on being multi-faceted. Currently, I am tasked with managing executive level member services at FORTUNE Live Media. This position will help shape and engage high profile conferences around the world. It’s an exciting venture, which will provide a platform for economic impact.

How did you get into your field, and what made you want to teach on Skillshare?

This is my dream career. I remember connecting the internet modem to check stock prices at age 12, starting an investment club in middle school and blogging about dot-com companies and CEOs. I was always engaged and my parents encouraged my passion for learning. Babson College provided a great entrepreneurial foundation where I studied economics and finance.

“Teaching on Skillshare is a natural fit.”

Teaching on Skillshare is a natural fit. It allows me to reach a larger audience and also provides me with the opportunity to take a step back, define my methods, and offer support to improve the workflow of others.

When creating my classes, I simplify my trading processes for the purpose of demonstration and share my own struggles with decision making. This practice not only provides my classes with an authentic flow but also helps me to reflect on and better articulate my own work experiences.  

What is a typical work day like for you?

My typical work day is consumed with information. Social streams, newsletters and my charting suite keeps pulse of global markets from Asia, Europe and North America sessions. I have to decide what is relevant and actionable, but mostly I observe and monitor price action for thematic moves that can last for a month or so. Information continues with my new position at FORTUNE, where I will research economic and business trends that matter for CEO member companies.

What advice would you offer a new Skillshare teacher thinking of teaching a business class?

Engage with the community. I think Groups and the class discussions boards offer great potential to survey members. Once you identify common interests and pain points, you can structure classes around student goals. Business classes work best in practical form, packed with useful information and examples. I try to keep lessons concise and use the project space for timely follow-up content.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who is thinking about investing or trading for the first time?

Don’t overcomplicate investing or trading. Organize your finances, determine your objective, and develop a strategy that suits your needs.

What is the most exciting trend going on right now in trading and investment?   

Democratization! Often times, institutions complicate money management. Information is accessible, which helps traders and investors make efficient and informed decisions. Sometimes, there is too much information, which can be very damaging for traders. This is where productivity fits in – for managing your mind, schedule and process. I’ll leave the rest for my next Skillshare class!

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Written by:

Susannah Page-Katz