At Skillshare, we believe in learning by doing, which is why all classes on Skillshare include a class project. Class projects help students practice their new skills while creating something new and exciting.

We have found that the most successful classes offer compelling and actionable class projects. A compelling project is easy to start, clearly presented, and encourage students to share their work along the way. 

Check out the following examples from Skillshare Top Teachers for ideas on how to craft your next class project: 

In Drawing Comics: A Beginner’s Guide, illustrator and cartoonist, Ira Marcks’ class project is a simple inking exercise. This technique is used to help first-time comic artists develop the skills demonstrated in the class. Ira offers resources to help students create their own project and provides a clear example of a completed project.


In Develop Your Digital Art Style: Draw One Illustration Six Ways, picture book illustrator and licenced artist, Stephanie Fizer Coleman’s class project encourage students to create a sketch, utilizing two or more of her approaches. Stephanie includes a reference sheet for each approach covered in her class, allowing students to jump right in and follow along with her process!


In Art Abroad: How to Create a Travel Sketchbook, artist, Christine Nishiyama’s class project is to start a travel sketchbook. Christine’s project is easy to start, offering the students an opportunity to practice the skills taught in her class. Christine offers a step-by-step guide and encourages students to “keep it simple”.


In Watch Me Work: Real Client Design Projects, illustrator, Dylan Mierzwinski’s class project encourages students to become a designer on a project. To help students create their project, Dylan provides multiple resources and offers personalized tips on her own process. She encourages students to develop their own style and process, sharing their progress along the way. 


Currently working on a class project for your newest class? Feel free to email Teacher Support for ideas, questions, or to brainstorm:!

Written by:

Lisa Goza