Every year, National Hispanic Heritage month runs from September 15 to October 15. It’s a time to celebrate and reflect on the history, culture, perspectives, and accomplishments of Hispanic Americans.

For the Skillshare community, the month marks a moment to honor the many contributions of Hispanic Americans throughout the Skillshare community. While counting and naming all of these would take more space than this blog has to offer, we want to take the opportunity to highlight some incredible Skillshare classes from Hispanic teachers. Get ready to whip up a vegan meal, master Procreate, and even learn how to sew your own clothes in these hands-on classes.

Illustration Classes

A framed one-line drawing of a family of four, featuring a man, two children in the middle, and a woman
Join Attabeira German in Minimalist Portraits: Realistic One-Line Drawing Using Procreate to learn this stunning drawing technique.

Minimalist Portraits: Realistic One-Line Drawing Using Procreate

In this Skillshare Staff Pick, illustrator Attabeira German shows you how to transform any reference photo into a stunning, yet simple one-line drawing. Commemorate a special moment or use it as an excuse to capture what’s around you—all you’ll need to get started is a reference photo, an iPad with Procreate, and an iPad pencil.

Making a Scene: Illustrating Characters and Backgrounds in Procreate

Ready to make a scene? Illustrator Marianna Madriz fills you in on her illustration process. Discover how she creates characters and a sense of environment so you can draft up your own illustrated “movie moment” right on your iPad.

An illustrated woman stands facing the sun. Her hair and tshirt blow in the wind. She is on the bank of a river and across from her is a small house with smoke coming out of the chimney.
Carminys Guzmán helps you bring your artwork to life in Illustration for Animation: Beautiful Vector Designs & Motion Graphics.

Illustration for Animation: Beautiful Vector Designs & Motion Graphics

Carminys Guzmán can help you take your first steps towards animating your artwork. You’ll need Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and the desire to create some eye-catching designs as Carminys lays out how to transform a sketch into a 2D animation. From how to find a reference through to adding textures and lighting, you’ll have all the steps covered to get your illustrations into motion.

Character Illustration: Draw a Unique Character with Personality

Now that you’re setting scenes, line illustrating, and animating, it’s time to go in depth with your characters. Cé Marina brings her illustration and graphic design background to share some tips, tricks, and processes. The class is perfect for students of all skill levels as she covers how to find inspiration to create a mood board, giving unique personality details to your characters, choosing a style, and finally applying color palettes.

Sewing Classes

Sewing Basics: Make Your Own Clothing

Pick up your sewing machine—it’s time to sit down with Denise Bayron and learn how to sew your own clothes. Denise packs tons of wisdom and practical guides into two hours so that you can choose the right tools, learn to hem, discover a variety of seam styles, and keep clean lines in your sewing. There’s even a bonus trip to the fabric store where you can see Denise in action, choosing the supplies that work best for both you and the planet.

Watercolor Classes

A hand holds a few watercolor paintings at the camera. The paintings are stacked on top of each other and area ll variations of night sky watercolors.
Take on Ana Victoria Calderón’s Modern Watercolor Techniques to explore bold new worlds of vibrant color.

Modern Watercolor Techniques

Gather your watercolor supplies and get back to the basics as Ana Victoria Calderón expertly guides you. This beginner-friendly class walks you through how to work in this colorful medium by incorporating vivid colors and interesting embellishments as you learn to paint with precision. By the end of it, you’ll be ready to paint galaxies of your own.

Cooking Classes

Masterclass de Comida Vegana

Head to the kitchen next where you can enjoy Sandy La Pastelera’s cooking—or at least your take on vegan cooking under her guidance. As a seasoned pastry and food instructor, Sandy introduces you to the principles of cooking and baking, so you can make your own delicious meals. Create your own signature salsa, bake strawberry scones and roll out burritos. Sandy covers a lot of ground through her approachable lessons that are fit for all levels of students.

Graphic Design Classes

A graphic with 6 "post it notes" on it. Each one has a motivational quote which are the following: "Believe in Your Potential. "Let faith be bigger than your fears" "All you dreams are valuable" "Always be kind" Love Yourself" Your family is your treasure"
Design a call-to-action all your own with Agatha Vieira in Graphic Design for Good: Design a Personal Manifesto.

Graphic Design for Good: Design a Personal Manifesto

Agatha Vieira is ready to show you how to put a mission behind your design. She’s guided thousands of students through her visual communication process. This class combines graphic design, self exploration and personal growth. Define what you stand for and bring that to life in a creative, visual way.

Easy Seamless Patterns with the New Pattern Making Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Pattern-making can feel overwhelming to any designer, but Sandra Mejia is here to guide you through the skilled process. Sandra shows you how to create repeat patterns the retain all of the dynamic painterly perspective of Procreate illustrations right in Photoshop. This class is ideal for more intermediate designers who are familiar working in Photoshop.

¡Adelante Artistas!

The classes helmed by Skillshare’s Hispanic community bring so much value to how we explore, learn, and create. Join in with your own projects and discussions today on Skillshare.

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