Looking for new ways to market your Skillshare classes to increase your referrals? Don’t look further than your own community – offline that is.

Connecting with your neighbors, friends, and other community members is another great way to promote your Skillshare classes and grow your following online. Here are 4 simple steps to spreading the word in your everyday life:

Create and Share Marketing Materials

Before you can start spreading the word about your newest Skillshare class in person with members of your community, you need a tool to do so. Consider printing flyers, business cards, or brochures that you can utilize across all of your in-person communities.

Pro tip: Aim for an eye-catching image of your class project and a few key bullets that give an overview of the class. Less is more in this case, but don’t forget to include your referral link so that you’ll receive the $10 referral bonus for each person who signs up for Membership to access your classes. Post these materials on local community boards, in cafes, craft stores, and art galleries.

Tap Into Your Own Community Groups

Are you a member of a local creative group, church, or volunteer organization that may be interested in learning a new skill? Make an announcement in your next meeting or write a blurb for the community newsletter about your Skillshare classes.

Pro tip: Frame your announcement as an invitation to join Skillshare’s online learning community, letting your local group know about a special offer to  gain access to your classes and 5,000+ others on interesting topics by signing up through your referral link – two free months of membership for all new Members!

Leverage Your Existing Business

Whether you sell products online through Etsy or have a booth setup at your local flea market, be sure to have some marketing materials on hand about your latest Skillshare class.

Pro tip: Include a small info card with each order you ship out to customers or print some flyers for your booth at a local craft fair. Highlight your class as a way for your customers to learn about your unique, creative process.

Expand Your Offline Network

Join a new creative group in your community through meetups or community events for creators. Research nearby conferences or events around your particular skill.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for introductions from your existing contacts and connect with their network. You never know who you might run into!

Head to our Teacher Handbook for additional tips on marketing your Skillshare classes both online and in real life. We can’t wait to see what connections you make!

Written by:

Danielle Keita-Taguchi