Announcing a two-week Illustration workshop on Skillshare from April 16th-30th, exclusively for Annual Members!

Calling all artists and illustrators! Do you love drawing and sketching but aren’t sure where to go next with your passion? We’re excited to announce a two-week workshop led by top Illustration teachers Dylan Mierzwinski and Peggy Dean. This April, Dylan & Peggy will help you tackle the most daunting but rewarding part of any art practice: developing your own style. Through four floral-filled classes, exclusive resources from Dylan & Peggy, and a cumulative project assignment, you’ll take your illustration skills to the next level and start developing a unique style all your own, alongside a creative, supportive community.


What You’ll Learn

  • In part 1 of the workshop, you’ll take a new class coming soon from Dylan (designed specifically for the workshop!) where she’ll demystify the theory and fundamentals of illustration. From color, line and form to hierarchy and more, she’ll give you a toolkit to start understanding what you love about the styles you see online and how to start incorporating that inspiration into your own work.
  • In part 2, you’ll take three “practice and play” classes that will allow you to put what you learned in part 1 into action by exploring different styles of illustration, sketching and workflows, including a brand-new class from Peggy!
  • In part 3, you’ll put it altogether by working on a special project assignment that will encourage you to explore and start to showcase a unique style of your own.
Image by Dylan M.
Image by Dylan M.

How it Works

  • This workshop takes place online and runs from April 16th through April 30th.
  • Throughout the workshop, Dylan & Peggy will send you email reminders on what step of the workshop to complete next. Stay tuned for exclusive bonus content from your hosts!
  • You’ll share your work throughout the workshop in a special project gallery. Give and get feedback from others to accelerate your progress and connect with other like-minded creatives.
  • Ask questions throughout in the workshop community board, and participate in a live Q&A with Dylan & Peggy on Wednesday, April 25th.
  • Submit your final project by April 30th, and you’ll be eligible to win some special prizes!
Image by Peggy Dean
Image by Peggy Dean

How to Join

  • This workshop is available exclusively for Annual Members at no additional charge.
  • Sign-up begins on April 16th – the start date of the workshop. We’ll be emailing all Annual Members on April 16th at 9am EST with a special link to sign up and get started in the workshop. 
  • If you’re not already an annual Member, upgrade by April 15th at 11:59pm UTC so that you can get notified.
  • Not sure if you’re an Annual Member? View your plan details by logging in to your Skillshare account and going to Account Settings > Payments.

We hope you’ll join us! Upgrade to Annual.

Written by:

Megan Burt