Photo by Skillshare teacher Dan Rubin.

Exciting news! This fall, we’re teaming up with more than 20 iconic photographers to bring you the Skillshare School of Photography. Each week, we’re unlocking a new photography class full of cutting-edge techniques and creative inspiration. Whether you have a pro DSLR or an everyday smartphone, these classes will challenge you to capture a unique perspective that’s all your own.

Every half-hour class has an inspiring project that sends you out into the world to seek and capture your experience in a stunning, shareable way. Snap photos of your morning coffee with Instagram food photographer Adam Goldberg, and record incredible landscapes on vacation with National Geographic photojournalist Ami Vitale. Capture adventures with your friends with Instagram pro Brenton Little, and use your iPhone to record the hustle and bustle of your city through Hyperlapse videos with Dave Krugman. You’ll walk away with dozens of captivating photos for your portfolio!

Our photography series begins today with the launch of three classes: “The Possibilities of Instagram: Sharing Your Best Photos,” by Tyson Wheatley, “Mobile Post-Production: Editing Your Photos,” by Dan Rubin and “Food Photography: Capturing a Morning Worth Eating,” by Adam Goldberg.

In addition to classes, we’re bringing you photography events, contests and AMAs throughout the fall. From October 6-9, we’ll be hosting InstaWalks: inspiring Instagram adventures in some of our favorite cities. Find your city and join a meetup. Also, each week, teachers will host special AMA sessions, where you can ask questions and seek photography advice. And, starting today, students who post photo projects will be eligible to win trips, prizes, and have their work featured in a variety of outlets, including Skillshare’s blog, Instagram feeds, and more!

Check out all 22 upcoming classes and explore a few breathtaking images from our photography teachers below.

Brenton Little
Instagram pro Brenton Little photographs a friend with incredible light and perspective.
Instagram food photographer Adam Goldberg starts off his morning with a beautiful snap of breakfast.
ami vitale
National Geographic photojournalist Ami Vitale captures this image while on assignment in Kashmir.

National Geographic photojournalist Ami Vitale captures this image while on assignment in Kashmir.

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Written by:

Dennissa Karnjanaprakorn