We are excited to announce our newest Teacher resource, The Skillshare Teacher Center!

Whether you have never taught before and are deciding on the perfect topic or you’re ready to teach more classes and increase your earnings, the Skillshare Teacher Center is designed for you. The Skillshare Teacher Center is the place to discover our most up-to-date teaching resources, watch videos chock full of teaching tips from our top teachers, and connect with other Teachers as well as the Skillshare team.

We will continuously update the center with new teaching resources, news from Skillshare, and discussion posts. You can expect to find information on in demand topics, best practices for growing your Skillshare following, and insights from Skillshare’s most successful teachers.

Check out the Skillshare Teacher Center here and be sure to “follow” the Skillshare Teacher Center to get notified when we post new content and resources. We can’t wait to connect with you through the Skillshare Teacher Center!

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Astrid Adam

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