Over 5 million people ride the subway in New York City every day, but we don’t typically think of harried commuters or starry-eyed tourists as subjects of stunning photography. For documentary photographer Andre Wagner, however, seizing the seemingly mundane in a single frame of film and presenting that scene in a new way for the viewer is part of his signature artistic style. 

The city and subway system in New York have been major focuses of Andre’s photography for many years now. In that time, he has amassed a dedicated following and a treasure trove of street photography shots that help paint a picture of NYC you might miss if you’re not looking carefully. With his Leica camera in tow, Andre’s process involves roaming areas of the city for hours and composing scenes through his lens that tell a story. Back in his home studio, Andre then develops the black and white negatives and makes his own prints in his darkroom.

We have rounded up some of our favorite photos from Andre’s collection. If you are inspired by Andre’s work and are looking to build your own visual language in street photography, check out his classes below.  

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“Photography is crazy. It’s the only thing that takes reality and pauses it… Once an image is made, it might not necessarily be about reality anymore.”

Andre Wagner
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““How do you get outside of what you think you already know? I don’t want to make images that already exist in the world. I want to create something new through who I am.”

— Andre Wagner

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