This year’s SXSW is sure to be a good one, if for no other reason than that our very own SVP of Content, Community, & Brand, Alicia Hamilton-Morales, will be taking the stage with pplpleasr to talk NFTs, decentralized content, and the future of the digital creator economy.

So, who is she, and how did she parlay her skills into becoming an NFT superstar? Here’s what to know ahead of the session. 

Skillshare teacher pplpeasr

Get to Know pplpleasr

She is a digital artist and the founder of PleasrDAO, an NFT investment collective that helps raise money for charitable causes.

She pivoted to NFTs following a successful career in visual graphics, where she honed her skills creating pieces for blockbuster films like Wonder Woman and Star Trek Beyond. Since turning her attention to NFTs and the PleasrDAO mission, she has received a surge of interest in her work, including a recent DeFi (decentralized finance) animation sale for $525,000 that went toward the creation of the Stand With Asians Community Fund to support AAPI causes.

Becoming an NFT Artist

pplpleasr has been widely recognized as one of the biggest breakout NFT artists, first going viral in 2020 for DeFi virtual animations that she created as a hobby while applying for jobs.

In the years since, she seems to have cracked the code for viral visual content, with many in the crypto space touting her as the future of longform animation on the web. And big things are definitely on the horizon for pplpleasr NFTs.

Not only did she make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2022, but she also recently launched a decentralized film platform, Shibuya, where she premiered her first Web3 interactive short film, “White Rabbit.”

Learn more about pplpleasr, and get a glimpse of her short film “White Rabbit.”

pplpleasr at SXSW: Attend the Session

pplpleasr will be sitting down with Hamilton-Morales to talk about all things NFTs and crypto in a SXSW session titled “NFT Culture: Building Community and Defining Success in the Web3 Creator Economy.” The 60-minute session is happening on Tuesday, March 15, at 4pm CST at the Austin Marriott Downtown and will include a 45-minute conversation followed by a 15 minute Q&A.

Specific topics that will be covered at the session include finding success as an NFT artist and what the next generation of the digital creator economy will look like. pplpleasr and Hamilton-Morales will also be discussing the culture of NFTs and how they’re likely to transform the creative community for many years to come. We hope to see you there!

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