Creating motion picture graphics is definitely not a cup of tea, but that does not mean that one cannot learn the skill and do it themselves. There are online tools available that can help in learning the skill and also aid in making such graphics. The best software in this regard has to be Adobe’s After Effects because just like all other softwares by Adobe, this one also does not fail to satisfy the users by providing the best software that is available in the market when it comes to creating motion pictures and graphics.

Here are a few reasons why you definitely should learn to use this software:

1. Create a Creative Pitch

There a number of templates available at affordable prices which make it easier for a person try out new things. People who wish to attract clients get the opportunity of presenting a number of options to them in order to make a deal. The affordability of the templates comes with an amazing flexibility that guarantees more room for your ideas.

2. Save Time

After Effects comes with the option of modifying something that has already been made which is quite different from the rest of the software where you have to redo the whole thing in the case of a modification. Creativity does not mean the same to everybody so maybe you think that something has turned out perfectly but the client may fail to agree with you.

3. Stand Out

If you want to learn a certain skill then you must make sure that you stand out in the crowd because otherwise you will get lost in it. People think that using an After Effect template will keep them away from making a unique video which is a huge misunderstanding. All the templates can easily be customized giving the opportunity to all the users to make unique videos and have their own creativity put into everything that they create.

4. Modularity

Combine the text, style, transitions, and even log from various templates to make something completely according to your taste. But while doing so one has to just be careful about one thing and that is not to combine different animation portions together. You also need to make sure that the colors and attributes can be changed easily in order to maintain the uniqueness that you are looking for. This may seem that learning After Effects can be a tedious process but it is not so because the software is very user-friendly despite offering various features.

5. Save Money

Do you even know how much a motion designer asks for just an hour of his services? His salary may range from somewhere between $35 and $100 which is quite a huge amount. If you learn the skill yourself, you will not only be saving a lot of money but also making considerable amount as well. Even if you need to hire a motion designer for some complex commands, you will be saving quite an amount because that person would not have to start from a scratch.

6. Learn

There are so many learning opportunities when it comes to motion pictures if you are using Adobe After Effects. There are so many various commands and features that the learning process never stops and one can keep discovering new ways to make unique as well as amazing videos. There are many ways of learning the basics which are available online, therefore, one does not have to worry about being totally unaware while using this software.

7. Keep up with Trends

What is the point of learning such a skill when one cannot keep up with the trends of the world? Adobe After Effects guarantees that one keeps up with the latest trends and developments in the field of motion picture designing. It is easy to see what is popular among the masses by seeing that which template has the maximum number of downloads. So if you are looking for the next cool thing to incorporate in your video, the software will already be your best guide for it.

8. Higher Volume of Work

Once you learn this skill, be prepared to get a lot of clients because learning this software guarantees greater volumes of work. Numerous clients will come with their projects to you and it is better to accept small projects from a number of clients than to stick to a single client. This will help you in making more money and spend less time on each project.

9. Production Value

An average looking video can become totally catchy and attention grabbing once modified using an After Affect template. There is so much content that floats online and needs a little more love to be liked by the masses. This software can help you to convert a completely ordinary video into something that can become a sensation on the internet.

10. Unlimited Options

Some people think that only a specific options are available while using After Affect because the rest of the templates do not work with this software. This statement is completely wrong because the kind of options that come with this software cannot be matched by any of its counterparts. For your each and every need, there will be an After Effect template available which will satisfy it in the best possible way.

If you think that a software that comes with such a massive diversity of features and guarantees so many advantages would be difficult to learn then you are carrying a misconception with yourself. If you’re looking for more resources, check out some Skillshare classes here!

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