Stuck inside and looking for something fun to do with the kids (and yourself)? Grab some basic art supplies and learn some cute easy drawings!

Cute Easy Drawings for Kids

1. Astronaut

Here’s a cute animal drawing of a cartoon cat called Toby the Astronaut. Kids will love it!

astronaut drawing

2. Colorful Astronaut

Now, follow along with the next lesson in this Skillshare course and color Toby the Astronaut in.

astronaut drawing

3. Ladybug

Everyone loves ladybugs, and this one is especially adorable.

ladybug drawing

4. Meerkat 

Remember how cute the meerkats at the zoo are? Draw your own!

meerkat drawing

5. Baby Chick

Baby chicks rank among the highest of cute drawings easy to do at home.

baby chick drawing

6. Fawn

Kids will love to draw this doe-eyed fawn and color in the background on their own.

fawn drawing

7. Snail

Make the uncute cute! Snails, when given the right treatment, can be totally cute drawings.

snail drawing

8. Sea Turtle

Swimming along, bow on her head: bring this adorable turtle to life and give her your own colorful flourishes!

turtle drawing

9. Rooster

Not as cute as a chick, but perhaps funnier, is a rooster. Try it out.

chicken drawing

10. Octopus

This cheeky octopus with a tophat will bring a smile, regardless of your age.

octopus drawing

11. Frog

This basic frog is the first in a series of cute and easy drawings from the Skillshare course “Drawing for Kids and Beginners: How to Draw 24 Cute Cartoons.”

frog drawing

12. Worried Octopus

This octopus is looking to the side, worried. What does it see?

octopus drawing

13. Kissing Fish

A fish with smoochable lips, one of the cute drawings with clear instructions offered in this course.

fish drawing

14. Nice Lion

This lion is a cute animal drawing that isn’t fierce at all, just funny.

lion drawing

15. Peacock

Don’t worry about all that complicated plumage; this peacock tutorial is simple and fun.

peacock drawing

16. Koala

Clinging to a eucalyptus trunk, this adorable, simple koala is charming and unique.

koala drawing

17. Stegosaur

Don’t worry, this dino only eats plants, and with a cute spiky back and half-smile, kids will love it.

stegosaur drawing

18. Quizzical Pig

Oink, oink! Check out that curly tail and quizzical facial expression.

pig drawing

19. Puppy Dog

A two-step project here, but simple to do: draw and watercolor paint a cute puppy dog.

puppy drawing

20. Farm Cow

And now, some farm animals! Starting with the classic, a big-eyed cow grazing on grass.

cow drawing

21. Scarecrow

This cute scarecrow seems to have made friends with a crow instead of scaring it away!

scarecrow drawing

22. Llama

Llamas with long eyelashes make very cute and easy drawings. Don’t forget the puffy clouds!

llama drawing

23. Farm Barn

And where will the animals go for the night? Into this easy-to-draw barn, of course.

farmhouse drawing

Easy Flowers

24. Dozens of Flowers

Sketch a series of simple flowers all over the page with this fun Skillshare tutorial on easy floral illustrations.

flower drawing

25. Even More Flowers

Refine your skills with a second set of easy flowers.

flower drawing

26. Chamomile

Not just for tea, chamomile is a beautiful, basic flower to sketch.

chamomile drawing

27. Buttercup

You won’t see yellow if you hold this fun drawing under your chin, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like buttercups!

buttercup drawing

28. Lupine

This is called “purple flower” in this course on drawing wildflowers, but it’s a lupine, and now you can draw it!

lupine drawing

29. Clover

Sweet to eat for cows and beautiful in a vase, the clover is a lovely sketch to try.

clover drawing

30. Hibiscus

An exceptionally easy line drawing tutorial produces a nice looking hibiscus flower on the page.

hibiscus drawing

Easy Cartoons

31. Unicorn

Look at how cute and bright this unicorn is as she dances across the paper!

unicorn drawing

32. Jack Skellington

Bring to life Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and wow your kids with how simple he is to draw.

jack skellington drawing

33. Silly Monster

This one isn’t scaring anyone, but he might make you giggle.

monster drawing

34. Frankenstein

That bolt in his head and the sly look on his face make this monster irresistible.

monster drawing

35. Horned Monsters

This guy is a little fierce, with sharp teeth to match his pointy horns.

monster drawing

36. One-Eyed Monster

He sports one eye, no nose, and an oversized mouth—a funny monster, to be sure.

monster drawing

37. Cartoon People

This Skillshare course gives step-by-step instructions to show you how to draw a cartoon man and woman. The result is impressive!

people drawing

38. Cartoon Laptop

The lessons in this course are all about how to “cartoonize your surroundings.” Start with what’s in front of you—your laptop.

laptop drawing

39. Cartoon Cat

If you’ve got a cat lying around (or perhaps trying to sit on your laptop), cartoonize it!

cat drawing

40. Cartoon Coffee & Donut

If this is what your breakfast looks like, you can memorialize it in a cartoon still-life worthy of a coffee shop’s walls.

coffee and donut drawing

41. Cartoon Lamp

When you finish this sketch, you can truly say, “I love lamp.”

lamp drawing

42. Cartoon Headphones

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of you, becoming a better cartoonist.

headphones drawing

Easy Animal Drawings for Adults

43. Standing Corgi

This is an adorable Corgi with great line details.

corgi drawing

44. Sitting Corgi

Next, try your hand at a Corgi sitting, head slightly cocked to the side.

corgi drawing

45. Sleeping Corgi

For the third and final drawing in the Corgi series, draw that puppy lying on its belly!

corgi drawing

46. Standing Dalmatian

Moving onto a different breed, you can draw a proud Dalmatian standing.

dalmation drawing

47. Sleeping Dalmatian

Aww, the Dalmatian fell asleep, head resting on its paws.

dalmation drawing

48. Sitting Saint Bernard

Go bigger (and fluffier) with a sitting Saint Bernard.

saint bernard drawing

49. Majestic Elephant

Use doodling to draw an amazing elephant, one of the cute drawings you can do with this technique.

elephant drawing

50. Sphinx Cat

Here’s a tutorial for a sleeping Sphinx cat with a little sleepy smile on its face.

cat drawing

51. Persian Cat

And, if you like cats, try to draw a Persian cat sitting and giving someone the side-eye.

persian cat drawing

52. Bombay Cat

Last but not least, complete your cat series with a standing Bombay cat, complete with lively tail and colorful collar.

bombay cat drawing

Cute, Easy Animal Drawings

53. Kitty

Meow! This line drawing is simple but detailed, and cute as can be—check out that little heart on the collar!

kitty drawing

54. Fish in Bowl

This fish seems a bit big for its bowl, but its facial expression says, “I don’t mind.”

fish drawing

55. Scotty Dog

Sharp lines make this dog unmistakably a Scotty dog, one of the cute and easy drawings you can find in this course.

dog drawing

56. Puppy in its House

Aww, Ruff was a bad boy! That’s okay, he’ll learn his lesson.

puppy drawing

57. Pet Bunny

Draw this cute bunny and don’t forget its carrot, or it might nibble your finger!

bunny drawing

58. Sea Otter

This adorable otter is clutching a clam and floating on its back in the ocean.

otter drawing

59. Pig in Mud

A pig in mud is a happy pig—try this one out and see if it makes you happy, too!

pig drawing

60. Panda 

Everyone loves pandas, and this tutorial is super easy for kids of all ages (and their caregivers, too).

panda drawing

61. Hippo

Maybe this hippo is wallowing in the water, which you can watercolor in after you finish the simple line drawing.

hippo drawing

62. Majestic Lion

His eyes are closed against the bright sun. This lovely lion is taking a break.

lion drawing

63. Pink Pig

Use some paints to give this pig a nice rosy glow after you finish this, one of the cute easy drawings in this course on easy, playful animals.

pig drawing

64. Hummingbird

First, draw a simple hummingbird…

hummingbird drawing

65. Garden

…then paint the wildflowers to make a garden scene!

garden drawing

66. Lion & Bear

Learn how to make an extra-cute lion and its bear friend in this step-by-step tutorial. 

lion and bear drawing

67. Mouse Sitting

Work on perspective and color grading with this little mouse drawing.

mouse drawing

68. Mouse Standing

Next, stand that mouse up and see what it looks like.

mouse drawing

69. Mouse Sleeping

This is the back view, but it’s shown from all sides in the tutorial.

mouse drawing

70. Standing Bunny

In grayscale but still cute, this bunny looks ready to hop away!

bunny drawing

71. Sitting Bunny

Here’s the same bunny, drawn in a different position, haunches down.

bunny drawing

72. Sleeping Bunny

And, lastly, the sleeping bunny, complete with ears at rest.

bunny drawing

Digital Drawings

73. Digital Penguin

Not one for sketching? Digital programs like Adobe Illustrator can help make cute animal drawings easy (and adorable, as evidenced by this cute penguin that’s ready to waddle).

digital penguin drawing

74. Digital Owl

This owl is a hoot! It’s colorful and fun, but easy to learn.

digital owl drawing

75. Digital Fox

The cutest little round fox you ever did see!

digital fox drawing

76. Digital Raccoon

Give that cute fox a masked friend — draw it a raccoon!

digital raccoon drawing

77. Digital Mouse

This chubby mouse would make a great meal for our fox friend, above.

mouse drawing

78. Digital Bunny

Keep this adorable carrot-cruncher far away from the fox!

bunny drawing

Easy People Drawings

79. Caricature Woman

Learn how to draw a basic, fun caricature from a photograph.

woman drawing

80. Caricature Man

Practice your skill with another photo and make your friends laugh!

boy drawing

81. Stick Figures

Class up your stick figure drawing abilities with this in-depth tutorial.

stick figures

82. More Stick Figures

Draw a stylish stick figure from a wooden model. You’ll improve your drawing skills with this exercise!

stick figure drawings

83. Character Illustrations

Learn to draw each part of a character, including their expression. You’re practically a pro now!

character illustration

84. Doodle Face

Learn how to use doodles for each individual part and then put them together.

face doodle

85. Draw From Memory

Think of someone (or something) you saw, and try to draw it without looking. Harder than it looks, but a great skill to hone!

draw from memory

Don’t Let the Drawing Inspiration End

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