With our new drag and drop profile editor, you have the freedom to make your profile as unique as you are. Stuck on where to start? These stand-out profiles from the community will give you the inspiration you need. Happy customizing!

1. Highlight Your Work History

No matter your industry, showcasing your past clients and employers can be an easy place to start. Differentiate it from your regular old resume by adding images, accomplishments, and more! Skillshare’s own Megan Belzner put a narrative twist on her Work History.

2. Create a Project Gallery

Now showcasing your work is easier than ever! Create different sections to show off the projects you create inside and outside of class. You can separate our your professional work from your “just for fun” stuff, or group them by topic like graphic designer Viki Karoli did.

3. Share a Video

Our new profile creator allows you to upload a variety of formats, including video. Share a highlight reel of you work or even a welcome video, as social-media strategist Peg Fitzpatrick did. It’s a great way to bring your profile to life and add some visual interest.

4. Let Other People Do The Talking

Do you have students, clients, or friends who want to sing your praises? Take a page out of Illustrator Esther Van Der Drift’s book and use your profile to showcase some testimonials and reviews.

5. Sell Yourself

Put your side hustle front and center! If you have an online shop or other resources for sale, your Skillshare profile is the perfect place to highlight these. Designer Faye Brown’s eye-catching approach is a great example.

6. Share Tips

If you’re a Skillshare member, chances are you’re working on some pretty cool stuff. Share what you know by creating a section on your profile where you highlight your favorite techniques, tactics, and hacks. Illustrator Gabrielle Decesaris took this idea to the next level by adding a “Tip of the Week” section, which she’ll update regularly to keep people coming back.

Ready to create your own customized profile? Log in to your Skillshare account, click on your profile image in the top right, and go to “Edit my Profile”. Not a Skillshare member? Sign up for free today to get started!

Note: Skillshare profiles are currently only editable on desktop.

Written by:

Brooke Young