Need Poster Design inspiration?

As a poster designer, coming up with new ideas can be tough. We all need a little inspiration from time to time to spark that new great poster design idea. Drawing from other designers’ works can be a great way to find that inspiration on everything from style, to layout, to color.

To harness some much needed poster design inspiration, look no further than Andrew Fairclough. Andrew is an Australian based illustrator and designer and the founder of both Kindred Studios and True Grit Supply (a company he created after his Skillshare class promoted such high demand for his textures). His work and words have appeared in print and online through Desktop, It’s Nice That, Leurzers Archive, Creative Review, Computer Arts, Design Is Kinky, Building A Wolf, and 8 Hour Day.

Andrew’s class inspired 50+ awesome poster design projects in the same style as his inventive works. We asked him to pick 6 of his favorites and provide some insights on why he loved each colorful project.

Get inspired by the posters below and jump into his class on using textures and halftones to create your own project. Submit a poster design project before November 1st, and you’ll have a chance to win Andrew’s True Grit Supply Complete Collection: Value Bundle ($125 value). Andrew will pick the winner of this dream goodie bag — a bundle which includes every single texture pack, brush, and vector set available on his True Grit store.


poster design inspiration battle

Andrew Fairclough: I love the band Battles and Piero took his texturing skills and applied them to an excellent Gig Poster for the band.  The textures are well crafted, complementing and building upon a solid concept. It’s great to see a student take the fundamentals of the class and apply them to such a strong real-world project.

Diana Goldberg

poster design inspiration raiders
poster design inspiration raiders

AF: Diana’s Oakland Raiders tribute poster is really nicely put together. The concept is strong and she’s used a nice mix of textures without going overboard. I particularly like her use of the grimy paint texture to add depth and dimension to the top of the helmet rather than sticking solely with halftone shading. It creates a nice multi-dimensional treatment and keeps the viewer interested.

poster design inspiration bruins

AF: Another nice sports fan poster here by Mich. It’s really interesting to see students using the words true grit as a visual metaphor for their beloved sports teams. Mich’s experimentation and enthusiasm shows through in the final work.

poster design inspiration capircorn

AF: Joshua’s aquatic themed poster shows how effectively hand made textures can lift many different styles of illustration. His use of subtle and more organic textures in the main portrait contrasts nicely with the more gritty and graphic textures that form the background elements.

poster design inspiration pirate

AF: Jake’s pirate poster was one of the first few projects uploaded to the class community page and it’s still one of my favorites. From his great color palette to the unashamed use of halftones, Jake’s project really sets itself apart amongst a strong contingent of student projects.

poster design inspiration winning project

AF: Tim won our first student project contest back in January 2016 for good reason. Tim’s fan poster for the original 1969 film starring John Wayne is beautifully executed combining an engaging composition, well considered type and sophisticated use of texture that neither hides itself or overwhelms the viewer.

Written by:

Scott Sullivan