We hear from students all the time that the community is what keeps them coming back to Skillshare. They are always looking for new ways to connect with their favorite teachers.  

Because of this, developing an engaged following on Skillshare is essential to becoming a successful teacher. Top teachers on Skillshare engage with their students on a regular basis through our “Discussions” feature to share new content, gather feedback, or highlight student work. Check out 5 creative ways you can engage your following through our “Discussions” feature!

Showcase Student Projects

  • Yasmina Creates celebrates her students’ hard work by sharing their projects and encouraging them to continue posting them. 
Yasmina Creates Skillshare Teacher

Highlight Helpful Skills

  • Bonnie Christine breaks down her existing class content by listing specific skills her students will want to learn, allowing them to quickly access what they are looking for. 
Bonnie Christine Skillshare Teacher

Offer Additional Resources

  • Hayden Aube shares short tutorials from his own website, which supplement his Skillshare content while he’s working on his next class.
Hayden Aube Skillshare Teacher

Announce a New Class

  • Rich Armstrong announces the launch of his newest class to his following, keeping them up to date on his latest content.
Rich Armstrong Skillshare Teacher

Gather Feedback and Insights

  • Gabrielle Brickey surveys her students on what they want to learn next, giving them an opportunity to share their feedback. 
Gabrille Brickey Skillshare Teacher

Ready to engage your students? Head your profile now to post a discussion to reach all of your student followers!

Written by:

Mary Findley