It has never been easier to build a career as a creative freelancer, but the hustle can still be a challenge. At Skillshare, we have learned a ton from our teachers about how to manage a freelancing career and believe that with the right set up you can be more successful than ever before.

Set clear deadlines 

You may not have a boss setting deadlines for you, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t crucial to success. On a cadence that’s right for you, review your plate and record deadlines (use free project management software like Trello, or Freedcamp). On Skillshare, teachers who follow the milestones laid out in the Teach Challenge are the most successful on the platform!

Track and spend your time wisely

You may set your own hours, but you only have 24 in a day and cannot work all of them!  Think about what you want to earn and how many hours you want to work before backing into your schedule & average hourly wage. Then use time tracking apps such as TimePanther, Google Calendar, and Chromet. One of the things teachers love about Skillshare is that classes typically only take 1-3 weeks to make and on average teachers earn $3,500/year.

Choose clients (and platforms) you can work with

As a freelancer, you need to work with clients who respect you, your time, and availability.  While not all clients will be ideal, set some guidelines upfront and make sure to agree to them early on. Skillshare teachers love that they can work on their classes as suits their schedules and that our support team is there to help M-F 9AM-6PM.

Mix up your income streams

When you don’t receive the same paycheck every-two weeks, you need to be strategic about your income flow. For example, As a stationery designer, you might want to earn active income from personalized wedding stationery and passive income from your Skillshare class on stationary design. Calligrapher Bryn Chernoff described passive income from Skillshare as “a holy grail” for someone in her shoes.

Take breaks and make time to foster your creativity

No one can be productive all the time, especially in a creative industry. Be sure to take breaks – sleep, discuss your ideas with others, and learn something new. Maybe take a 10 minute Skillshare class on your phone!

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