As soon as you publish your class on Skillshare, you have a new potential audience of over 2 million students that can now discover your class and learn from you. The more students engage with your class (watch it, leave reviews, and create projects) the higher your class trends, allowing more students to find your class and ultimately increases your reach and earnings! By sharing your class with your own network, you kickstart this to maximizes your chances for success by marketing to your own networks.

While you are already an expert in your own right, here are 5 tips for what we’ve seen work for marketing professionals like you on Skillshare:

1. Merchandise Your Class

It’s important to hook potential students right away by offering clear and eye-catching class merchandising. Either showcase yourself with a professional headshot so students can see who they’ll be learning from, or create a visually appealing image with a clear and concise title, so students know exactly what to expect.

2. Refer Students

Every time a student signs up for Skillshare with your teacher referral link, you’ll earn $10 when they become a Member. With this link, they get access to not only your content, but all other 15K classes on the platform, so be sure to let them know. This is an especially great way to get students to sign up and for you earn money even if you offer this content elsewhere.

Ex: “Enroll in my productivity class with this link, and redeem a 1-month free Skillshare trial to access their full class catalog of over 15000 classes”

3. Leverage Your Web Presence

Another easy way to market to a relevant audience is to add your class referral link to your website, portfolio or social media profile. This will send anyone who’s viewing your work back to your Skillshare classes, and you’ll receive the $10 referral bonus for everyone who signs up for a Membership! You can simply add your referral link or you can create an entire classes section on your site, like teacher Jake Bartlett. It may also help to use a positive review as a quote or post a short clip to motivate someone to sign up.

When you publish a new class, you can also email your followers about the new class with your referral link, along with any additional content, new products or life updates. Don’t have a newsletter yet? As one of the most powerful tool teachers can use for marketing  their classes, now’s a great time to start one (learn more here).

4. Start Content Marketing

Create free teaser content for the content of your lesson, pulling out a single lesson or 1 key insight. Some great ways to leverage free content:

  • Create a blog post on your blog or in your email newsletter
  • Share as an article with your followers on Medium
  • Make one of your lessons free on your YouTube channel (or create something new)
  • Post one of your lessons on Slideshare

At the end, be sure to leave a call to action for anyone who wants to learn more to head to Skillshare (via your class referral link)

5. Leverage Your Expertise In Your Communities

  • Linkedin: join groups relevant to your topic on LinkedIn, share your expertise and answer questions while reference your class with other members.
  • Facebook: similarly, if you are not already in them – join relevant Facebook groups and reference your class in related questions or posts.

Have any other class marketing ideas? We’d love to know! Drop a comment at the bottom of this post and we will check it out. 

Written by:

Claire Smilow