Hey, all Designers and Design enthusisats! We’ve just added dozens of new Design classes to our Membership course catalogue. Plus, with our current 7-day trial running, you’ll be able to enroll for free!
Check out some of our five favorite Design classes below:

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Mastering Inking: Basic and Pro TechniquesNewsweek Cover Artist and Illustrator Yuko Shimizu teaches her method for creating beautiful and original inked pieces.

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Lettering Made Simple: Efficient Methods for Custom Type
Join graphic designer and band tee artist Brandon Rike as he teaches students how to stand out and add character to create high-quality, custom lettering pieces.

Digital Landscapes: Concept Landscapes
Belgian Digital Artists Jonas De Ro gives a step-by-step approach to create a concept fantasy landscape with efficient digital painting techniques in photoshop.

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Design for Print: Stand Out with Specialty Printing Techniques
Ross Moody, owner of 55 Hi’s, teaches techniques to create endless possibilities of print designs that stand out from the crowd.

Master the Basics of Adobe Illustrator to Create Awesome IllustrationsFreelance artist Julian Burford shares his personal twist on how to use simple but effective tools to create realistic illustrations.

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Dennissa Karnjanaprakorn