As a freelancer paid by the hour or project, it can often feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to maximize your earnings. By the time you start a project, you might need to start looking for your next client. With income depending on the time you find to earn it, you have to get clever. Here are 4 ways freelancers have increased their earnings without putting in more hours

1. They Create Killer Websites

Having a strong online portfolio is one of the best ways to save time and maximize your earnings as a freelancer. You can use it to generate clients for you by optimizing it for search and posting it on relevant platforms (Dribbble, Behance, Linkedin). Your website can also cut down dramatically on the time you spend selling yourself — point people to your work! Let your resume, images, and references speak for themselves. Check out WordPress or Squarespace to get started.

2. They Sell Their Skills, Not Just Their Time

Not everyone will be able to afford your time, but many might be interested in getting your advice before attempting the work on their own. Consider teaching a class online and enabling students to pay a lower fee to get a few of your best practices. Many freelancers have found that it opens their business up to an entirely new client base and a great source of passive income. Your class can also be used as a part of your resume — it’s one of the best ways to show people what you’re capable of. Lastly, who knows, your class could generate leads for your bigger ticket services as well!

3. They Price Their Time Properly

Of course the more clients the better, but given that there are only so many hours a day it’s important to allocate your time well. If your rate hasn’t changed in 5 years, it might be time to change your client base. Let go of those low paying clients you have been meaning to stop working with, your time is too valuable now! In particular, start looking for clients who have longer term projects — this will give you significantly more power to negotiate your freelance earnings over time.

4. They Sell Their Work Online

While your best work is one of a kind, not all of it has to be. In fact, you likely have assets that you can start selling online today for a stream of passive income. Work as a photographer? Sell some of your photos on Shutterstock. Work as a designer? You can sell Typefaces on Visual Hierarchy or web templates on Themeforest. No problem if you sell a physical product, check out Etsy or Shopify.

There is no magic bullet, but taking the proactive steps above can ease the freelancing crunch and set you on a path to earn more without cramming more hours into your workday.

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