They say that the first step to reaching your goals is writing them down. Now, you can apply that same concept to your learning goals by creating customized class lists on Skillshare. This oft-requested feature allows you to organize and group your saved classes whichever way you choose, and even lets you set a due date so you can hold yourself accountable to your goals.

Creating lists is easy and only takes a few seconds. You can create a list first and add classes to it, or start by grouping the classes you’ve already saved. For more on how to create a list, check out our list FAQ.

The best part of this feature is that it allows you to have full control over how you structure your learning experience on Skillshare. In need of some inspiration? Check out these 4 different strategies you can use can to bring order to your classes.

By Topic

If you’re a jack of all trades, keep your classes straight by creating different lists for each topic or category you’re looking to learn. So if you’re a watercoloring web developer with a passion for productivity or a graphic designer with a photography side hustle, you can keep your progress on track by creating lists for everything that matters to you.

By Due Date

If you’re the type of person who likes to block off time on your calendar, create to-do lists for everything, or has a productivity app within reach at all times, chances are this list strategy is going to work for you! Create lists for different weeks or months and add all the classes you want to complete within that timeline. You can even set a due date for each list to serve as an extra reminder.

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By Purpose

Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure? In our catalog of 20,000+ classes, chances are high that you will find classes to sharpen your professional skills, as well as classes to spark your curiosity or kick start your next “just for fun” project. Create lists for your professional and personal interests and keep them both on track.

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By How You Want to Learn

Taking classes doesn’t always require you to sit in front of your computer. For our multi-tasking students, some classes are perfect to take on the go (via a mobile device). Others are less visual and are great for listening to while they commute or cook dinner. Havings lists based on how you want to learn means you’ll always know where to pick up when you’re ready to learn.

In addition to creating your own list, you can also save a Skillshare-created lists to your profile. Skillshare’s editorial team combs through our catalog to create hand-curated lists designed to help you learn specific, in-demand topics. Check out our 5 most popular Skillshare-created lists below.

Whether you plan to use one of these strategies or create an entirely different system, we hope that using this feature allows you to create a learning experience that’s entirely customized to you and your goals. Ready to get started? Create your own list today!Create a List

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