Want to let your crafty side loose and earn some extra cash? Check out these tips on how to make money selling crafts online!

Open an online store

Starting an online store is the most common, and perhaps the most intuitive, way that crafters go about to sell their goods. A growing number of marketplaces are allowing crafters, amateurs and professionals alike, to make their goods accessible to people all across the world without paying huge overhead costs. The built-in audience of these platforms could generate a considerable amount of organic traffic to your store, which could be helpful if you do not have an existing customer base or wish to stay flexible with your commitments. In fact, many online craft stores start as a side project for crafters who juggle their online businesses with their day jobs. Check out Bonanza as a great marketplace to get started on. Bonanza provides one-click publishing to all major buyer channels and until you make a sale, they pay all advertising costs on your behalf – get started on Bonanza today!

Bonanza, a market place where you can make money selling your crafts

Want to learn tips on how to set up a successful online shop? Check out Amarilys Henderson’s class, Setting Up Shop: Sell Fantastic Prints.

Teach online

Contrary to the belief that teaching and selling have little to do with each other, teaching crafts online could actually be a powerful tool to build and monetize an online following. A significant part of selling crafts involves establishing a band of loyal customers who follow you not only because they love your products but because you provide value for them as well, and what better way to do that than teaching? On Skillshare, every class you teach is an opportunity for you to create and grow your own “channel” of followers, just like you would in social media, and eventually leverage it to boost your online sales.

Image of a craft being taught on skillshare

Another benefit to teaching online is the ability to network with fellow makers, artisans, and business owners, from whom you can receive helpful tips and learn about successful business practices. Skillshare has an extensive community of creatives who have worked in a diverse array of fields, and teaching can be a great way to tap into it!

Start a craft blog

You can also sell your homemade goods online by becoming a craft blogger. Writing tutorials, sharing useful resources on your craft, or posting project inspirations can all be effective ways to drive people to your online store and turn them into loyal customers. It’s increasingly recognized that online consumers are more prone to buy a product when their first point of contact is quality content that align with their interests and needs. If you want to learn more about best blogging practices, take a look at Andrea Goulet’s class, Become a Better Blogger, or a class with Morgan Kaye from Bloglovin’, From Blog to Business.

Know of any other great way to make money selling your crafts online? Share them with us!

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