Modern calligraphy makes any word visually appealing. But, learning the art form and mastering that flowing script takes some practice.

Here’s the good news: If you’re looking for an easy way to add calligraphy to invitations, logos, and more, you can get started with free calligraphy text generators.

Calligraphy transforms text into art. 

How to Convert Text to Calligraphy

You can easily convert text to calligraphy with any calligraphy text generator. All you have to do is type in your text on a calligraphy generator website, and the generator will do the rest! 

Another option for transforming typed text into all kinds of calligraphy brush strokes is downloading free fonts. Popular sites to download fonts include: 

3 Free Calligraphy Generators

Looking for a calligraphy generator to take your text up a notch? Here are three options worth checking out. 

1. FontSpace Cursive Font and Handwriting Generator

font space website
Source: Font Space
If you want calligraphy that looks handwritten or cursive, this is a great choice.

With this calligraphy font generator, you can preview your text before downloading the font. You can also sort the online calligraphy generator by popular, trending, or new fonts and see how they look with different colors and backgrounds.

2. Cool Generator Calligraphy Generator

calligraphy generator
Source: Cool Generator
Just enter your text, font size, and color to get your calligraphy. 

If you’re looking for a calligraphy generator, free ones that don’t require you to download new fonts are your best bet. Like this one! Just plug in your text, font size, and color to generate different calligraphy styles. Then simply click the text you like best from the calligraphy font generator, copy, and paste to use that PNG image in your own design. 

3. Font Meme

font website
Source: Font Meme
This simple font generator lets you add special effects to your calligraphy.

This font generator lets you create text graphics with calligraphy fonts. You can scroll through a long list of fonts, select your preference, choose an effect (including watercolor, glitter textures, outlines, and more), and download your new image. The site even includes free Arabic and Chinese fonts if you need an Arabic calligraphy generator or a Chinese calligraphy generator.

How to Make Your Own Calligraphy

If you are wondering “How do I make my own calligraphy?” here are some steps to help you start practicing. 

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Learning calligraphy doesn’t take many tools—you’ll just need paper, a ruler, a pencil, and calligraphy pens. You can buy any kind of calligraphy pen you’d like, but it’s smart to gather a few with different tip sizes (known as “nibs”) so you can experiment with your personal preferences.

Step 2: Start With the Basics

calligraphy practice
Start simple with individual lines and strokes. 

Before you start writing beautiful cursive script, spend time on various calligraphy exercises, like tracing 45-degree and 30-degree angle lines to get used to different strokes. 

Step 3: Write the Alphabet

alphabet in calligraphy
Each letter of the alphabet has its own unique technique.

Once you’re feeling more confident with how to handle the pen, it’s time to move onto actual letters. Start by writing the individual letters of the alphabet. Continue practicing them until you feel like you can do them consistently—then put them all together! 

Remember that you’ll also want to practice lowercase letters and uppercase letters. Many people find it easiest to start with lowercase before moving on to the more intricate uppercase versions.

Ultimately, the biggest thing you need to remember when learning calligraphy is patience. Like any other art form or creative exercise, you won’t master it immediately. Keep practicing, enjoy the process, and watch as your letters progress from scribbles to smooth script. 

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Written by:

Kaitlyn Arford