We’re excited to share that just last week, we crossed an important milestone –– 5,000 classes published on Skillshare!

This number represents the hard work and dedication from our community of nearly 2,000 teachers, sharing their expertise in everything from waterbrush lettering essentials to character design to making macarons with students from all over the world! Sure, 5,000 sounds like a lot –– but what does it really mean? We dove a little deeper into the numbers to find out:

1. Skillshare is everywhere

57+ million minutes of video watched. Skillshare students have watched over 108 years worth of classes on our platform. Or to put it another way, that’s like watching the movie Titanic back-to-back –– and then doing that again, like, 142,000 more times.

1.7 million students. If Skillshare students all lived in the same city, it’d be the 4th biggest in the United States –– right between Houston and Philadelphia.

3.2 million enrollments. Our most active students are lifelong learners and enroll in dozens of classes on the platform. For teachers this means that adding lots of classes to the platform is the best way to retain and grow your audience!

180+ countries. Skillshare students come from all over the world, with students from over 180 countries taking classes! By this time next year, we’ll have more countries than the UN!

Farthest distance between a teacher and a student: 8,944 miles (give or take). Skillshare is a global learning platform, with 20% of teachers and 40% of students coming from outside the US. Our platform connects people from all over the globe, with our furthest student to teacher distance at 8,944 miles, from Wellington, NZ to our home in New York City.

2. Teachers are making real money on Skillshare

$5.5+ million paid out to teachers. All of those student enrollments turn into real money, with millions of dollars being paid out each year. Our teachers make on average $3,000, with our top teachers making over $40,000 a year.

Most enrolled class. Aaron Draplin’s long held the record for the best entrance to a Skillshare video, but it turns out he holds another record as well, with 20,965 students enrolled in his Logo Design the Draplin Way class.

Teacher with the most followers. While Aaron holds the record for most enrolled class, Mary Kate McDevitt holds the record for most followers on our platform, with over 44,178 students watching her lettering classes. Congrats, Mary Kate!

500+ teachers with more than 1,000 followers. In addition to Mary Kate, we have over 500 teachers with more than 1,000 followers on Skillshare, with that number growing every day! These teachers are following our advice on growing their followings and making real money as a result.

3. Our community is growing faster than ever!

779 classes published in May. May was our biggest month ever for classes published, breaking our previous record from April! Which broke our record from March, which broke our record from February, which –– well, you get the idea.

400+ people took our May Teach Challenge. Our wonderful teacher community continued to grow, with over 400 people enrolled in our May Teach Challenge. At the end of the month, these teachers published classes sharing their expertise in everything from sculpting miniature sandwiches to animating in augmented reality, broadening the catalog of amazing classes available on Skillshare. (Still nothing on sculpting miniature sandwiches in augmented reality, though!)

1 million enrollments in 2016. All these classes are capturing the curiosity of our wonderful student community, who are enrolling in more classes than ever before.

Our team is growing! In the last 6 months, 10 new Skillshare employees have started. Last week, we announced that we raised more funding. This funding will help us grow our team to better serve our community of teachers and lifetime learners and continue our mission to provide access to high-quality learning all over the world.

But the most important thing we’ve learned after looking over the 5,000 classes that our incredible and creative community has published on Skillshare? Everyone has a skill or passion worth sharing.

So we’ve just got one question for you –– what are you going to teach?

Written by:

Nicole Kamra