Still on the fence about the Teach Challenge? Read on to find out the top reasons you should join today!

If you’ve thought about teaching on Skillshare, chances are that you’ve been invited to our monthly Teach Challenge. But for those of you who don’t know, our Challenge is a 30 day program that offers milestones, prizes, and tons of support as you build your first class.

Every month, first time teachers who participate in the Challenge earn a $100 bonus along with one year of Membership for publishing their first class. But some teachers still wonder whether teaching is really worth it, or if teaching is actually for them. Well, we’re here to tell you teaching is worth it, and provide not one but six reasons why you should join the Teach Challenge and get started teaching today:

1. Classes published through the Challenge have 25% more students.

On average, teachers who publish through the Teach Challenge get 25% more students in their classes than teachers who don’t.

2. New Teachers are 4x more likely to publish classes if they join the Challenge.

Each Teach Challenge consists of a series of easy deadlines that helps move teachers through the process and gets them to dedicate time to producing their class. We email helpful reminders to make sure that everyone stays on track. And the sooner teachers get published, the sooner they start earning money on Skillshare.

3. Teach Challengers have gone on to become some of our most successful teachers.

Overall Teach Challengers have published over 1100+ classes on Skillshare. From Amarilys Henderson to Ria Sharon to Jake Bartlett, Teach Challenge Alumni have gone on to become some of our most successful teachers earning thousands of dollars a month!

4. Teach Challengers gain access to the best online learning community around.

When polled, teachers in the Challenge said their favorite thing about the experience was the community, and it’s not hard to see why –– the Teach Challenge is full of helpful comments and support as first time teachers from all over the world come together to create their classes together. Our very own Community Managers, Danielle Keita and Mary Findley, help guide our Teach Challengers and offer extra feedback on class outlines, videos, and more. If you see Mary and Danielle in the Challenge, say hello!

5. The prizes provide an added bonus.

Teachers who publish in the allotted time frame get a $100 bonus for publishing classes, as well as one year of Membership for free. And on top of that, Challengers who go above and beyond are eligible for fun prizes like Apple gift cards, recording equipment and more! 

6. The Teach Challenge is for everyone.

Although the prizes are only for first time teachers, every month we see more and more veteran teachers coming back to take the Teach Challenge. These teachers love the structure the Teach Challenge provides, and they contribute to the community by providing helpful tips and insights from those who’ve been there before. And by utilizing the Challenge to teach again and again, these teachers are following our advice and growing their followings, which will turn into more enrollments and higher earnings as time goes on.

Written By

Nicole Kamra

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