Are you ready to turn teaching on Skillshare into a steady source of supplemental income? Join our Summer Bootcamp and commit to publishing new classes this summer to increase your earnings and win some amazing prizes. Sign up today!

Teaching often is the absolute best way to maximize your earnings on the platform, and our Summer Bootcamp is designed to help you get there. Not only will we keep you on track with weekly emails and extra tips and support for building an amazing Skillshare channel, but you’ll also be entered to win some incredible prizes to make it your best summer yet!

 How it Works

1. Join the bootcamp by entering your name and email below. Select the number of classes you plan to publish this summer.

2. Create a publishing plan to stay organized.

3. Look out for weekly tips over email and connect directly with the Skillshare team for extra support and feedback on your class building.

4. Head here to join in on a conversation with other teachers participating in the Summer Bootcamp.

5. Publish one or more classes between June 1st and August 31st to be entered to win the prizes below! Note: only classes that have enrolled at least 25 students by September 5th will be considered eligible.


– Publish 1 or more classes, and you’ll be entered to win an iPad Air 2.

– Publish 2 or more classes, and you’ll be entered to win the ultimate Teacher Tech Kit (iPhone6SBlue Snowball MicrophoneGorillaPod Stand)

– Publish 3 or more classes, and you’ll be entered to win the new MacBook. Fill out my online form.

More Details

– The Summer Bootcamp is designed for returning Skillshare teachers. If your first class was published after June 8th, 2016, it will not be included in your total class count, but any subsequent classes you publish before the August 31st deadline will be counted.

– Classes must enroll at least 25 students by September 5th, 2016 to be considered eligible. Learn how to maximize your enrollments here.

– Unfortunately due to tax laws, only U.S. residents are eligible for the prizes at this time. We apologize for any disappointment! Nonetheless, we hope our international teachers will still find the bootcamp beneficial towards growing their student followings and earning more revenue on Skillshare.

– Find more helpful resources in your Summer Bootcamp publishing plan.

– Other rules and regulations apply.

Written by:

Megan Burt