Anyone who’s ever been under the impression that you have to save up fun craft projects and creative activities for a rainy day is sorely mistaken. When there are so many easy projects to do at home, why would you wait for crummy weather? DIY and crafts are perfectly suited for any day, rain or shine. You don’t have to be a crafting pro or a well-practiced artist to dive into handmade crafts, either! All you really need to get started is a handful of ideas for creative projects or easy art ideas, the right materials, and a little time. 

Read on for craft activities that you can try no matter your age or crafting experience. 

Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Origami Animal Faces 

orgami fox
Your kids will love a project they can actually wear!

The only thing your kids will love more than a craft that’s fun to make is one they can wear and play with when they’re finished! Making origami animal faces requires little more than paper, a glue stick, and googly eyes and pens for details. Once you’ve mastered the basics of origami in this project, you can move on to plenty of other cool and easy crafts in the origami world.

2. Watercolor Greeting Cards

paper card
There’s a card for every occasion. 

If your family has a holiday or other special occasion coming up, consider art activities that will help you celebrate those big days! Handmade watercolor greeting cards are a fantastic option that will let kids of every age flex their creative muscles and explore different artistic techniques. 

3. DIY Piñata

Enjoy the fruits of your artistic labor with plenty of candy. 

Creative project ideas are that much more fun when there are delicious treats involved. How about a DIY piñata? This project is a great one for families in search of creative activities for adults too, since certain steps are better suited for grown-ups. You can work together to create a finished product that will make a big impression at a party or simply add a little extra sparkle to a normal night around the house. 

4. Miniature Clay Sandwiches

sandwich key chains
If you thought bigger was always better, you’ve obviously never seen these cuties. 

There’s something about miniatures that’s just so delightful. Everything’s cuter and more appealing when it’s tiny! Exhibit A? These DIY mini clay sandwiches. The tools for this DIY project idea are simple and easy to find, and you and your kiddos can use whatever sandwich you prefer as your muse. Plus, you’ll walk away with basic sculpting skills to use on other art projects you can do at home. 

5. Friendship Bracelets

how to make friendship bracelet knots
After a quick lesson about the mechanics of friendship bracelets, a whole world of crafting will open up to you.

Handmade friendship bracelets make fun projects for kids of all ages. There are many patterns of friendship bracelets to master, and with a bit of practice, you and your family can figure out a style that’s all your own. 

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DIY Crafts

6. Handmade Cookie Jars

Upcycled cookie jars are both DIY and delicious. 

An unexpected upside of many easy project ideas is that they can also serve as opportunities for upcycling. These polymer clay cookie jars, for example, turn recycled glass jars into cute, cheeky kitchen accessories that will add a big pop of personality to your home. They’ll also give you a reason to bake more cookies. 

7. Embroidery Using Printable Patterns 

There’s a bit of a learning curve for embroidery, but it’s well worth your patience. 

Just because embroidery has been around for a very long time doesn’t mean it has to be a boring, stuffy activity. You can make embroidery as modern as you’d like it to be! Take the time to learn the basic stitches, then search for printable patterns online. Free printable crafts? Yes, please. 

8. Easy Felt Flowers 

felt flowers
Felt flowers are a fun touch for many other projects.

Looking for an extra dose of color or texture to add to your home decor or outfits? DIY felt flowers are where it’s at. Once you see these flowers coming together, it might inspire you to explore even more easy creative craft ideas to add them to. 

9. Clay Earrings to Do at Home

clay earrings
Everyone will want to know where you found these one-of-a-kind earrings. 

Polymer clay earrings are very hot these days—and for good reason. They’re colorful, packed with personality, and super customizable… and you can make them yourself to represent your style! Before long, you’ll have an amazing collection of DIY clay jewels. 

10. Watercolor Bookmarks 

hand made bookmarks
You’ll be so inspired to read with these bookmarks on hand. 

DIY craft ideas are that much better when they’re actually functional. Enter watercolor bookmarks! These will make fantastic gifts for the book lovers in your life, as long as you can resist the temptation to hang on to all of them yourself. 

DIY Activities for Adults 

11. Stationery Sets

handmade envelope
Anyone would be lucky to receive a note in one of these custom cards. 

Calling all snail mail fans! Easy creative project ideas like these custom card and envelope sets can add some serious flair to the way you do the simplest of things, including sending mail. Watercolor stationery makes a beautiful statement in the mailbox. 

12. Gift Tags

gift tags
DIY gift tags will make gifting even more special. 

The only downside to creating your very own beautiful watercolor gift tags is that your gift recipient might not want to open the present and dismantle your wrapping. Create a batch for a specific occasion or set aside a block of time to make a larger quantity that you can use all year long. 

13. Zipper Pouch

Make zipper pouches in a variety of sizes and patterns. 

It’s time to break out the old sewing machine! DIY zipper pouches make the perfect craft for anyone who wants to learn simple sewing or brush up on old skills. 

14. Coffee Painting

watercolor negative space
Ever consider coffee as inspiration for ideas for creative projects? You’ll never see coffee the same way.

You probably didn’t expect to see coffee mentioned on a list of easy art project ideas, but here it is! You can use the coffee you already have around the house to make rich, beautiful coffee paintings. They’ll even smell like your favorite mug of joe. 

15. Glitter-Dipped Coffee Mug

dipped mug
One of many ideas for creative projects: enjoy your next morning pick-me-up in a custom mug. 

Speaking of coffee, everyone needs a favorite mug! You can repurpose a plain coffee mug that you might already have into a glitter-dipped mug, or one featuring a chevron or striped design. 

Ready, Set, Craft! 

Now that you have a full stock of ideas for creative projects, there are no more excuses to not be creative. Grab some loved ones and start creating. 

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Written by:

Alli Hoff Kosik