You’re probably thinking: Steak dinner? Who has time for that? When it comes to weekday meals, steak dinner ideas are likely not on most people’s radar.

These recipes, however, don’t require you to spend hours on cooking and cleanup, and they’ll deliver savory flavors bound to satisfy every eater at your table.

Keep reading to discover 14 steak dinner ideas to try any night of the week.  

Grilled Steak Recipes

Charcoal lines, crispy edges, soft and tender insides—there’s nothing quite like a steak grilled to perfection. Whether you fire up a gas or charcoal grill outside in the summer or stick to the kitchen with a stovetop grill in the cooler months, these recipes will deliver.

1. Grilled Flank Steak With Garlic and Rosemary

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Grilled flank steak with garlic and rosemary via @onceuponachef

The key to this recipe from Once Upon a Chef is the marinade, which bursts with flavors of garlic and rosemary. Whether you marinate the steak overnight or glaze it on an hour before grilling, you’ll be rewarded with a flavorful, restaurant-quality steak ready to impress. Pair this dish with some grilled baby potatoes and fresh asparagus. 

2. Perfect Soy-Grilled Steak

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Steak marinated in a blend of soy sauce and other flavors. 

This steak recipe from New York Times Cooking is marinated in a blend of soy sauce, spicy garlic, sharp ginger, tangy lime, and sweet honey, giving it a perfect blend of complementary flavors. The marinade not only packs a punch, but it also helps the steak to brown and develop crisp edges that contrast the soft, juicy inside.  

Broiled Steak Recipes

Sometimes a grill just isn’t an option—enter broiled steak dinner ideas! Most modern ovens are equipped with a broiler section that puts the food close to the heat source for quick cooking, caramelizing, or browning. 

3. Perfectly Tender London Broil

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Broiled steak via @alyssa_therecipecritic

Looking for something quick, easy, and full of hearty flavor? This London broil is all that and more. Seriously speedy, this steak recipe requires just a few minutes of cooking on each side. The marinade requires a handful of ingredients—soy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, Italian seasoning, and some red pepper flakes if you’d like—but the mixture effortlessly tenderizes the steak so that it melts in your mouth.

4. Basic Broiled Top Round Steak Recipe

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Broiled steak paired with broccoli and shrimp.

The Spruce Eats’ broiled steak focuses less on the marinade (which is just some olive oil, salt, and pepper) and more on the technique. One of the benefits of a broiled steak recipe is that the high heat from the oven cooks the steak from all angles, giving it a nice, even finish with minimal effort on the cook’s part. 

Pan-Fried Steak Recipes

How does the idea of just one dirty dish sound? That’s right. Pan-fried steak can be entirely made in just one pan—marinade and all. Plus, pan-fried steak recipes lend themselves to robust flavor blends, and searing gives you greater control over the finish of the texture and doneness. 

5. Pan-Seared Steak in Garlic Butter

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Pan-seared steak in garlic butter via @natashaskitchen

The aromatic flavors of melted butter, garlic cloves, crushed pepper, and rosemary sprigs make this juicy pan-seared steak from Natasha’s Kitchen mouthwateringly good. With minimal cleanup of just one pan, this go-to recipe makes it an ideal option on busy weeknights when you want a fast meal that doesn’t sacrifice taste. 

6. Pan-Seared Filet Mignon With Red Wine and Balsamic Sauce

filet mignon
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Pan-seared filet mignon via @kitchenswagger

Nothing will impress guests more than this dish from Kitchen Swagger! What this recipe does so well is master the red wine and balsamic reduction so that it’s the perfect texture—not too thick, not too thin. The secret? Adding a touch of brown sugar, which not only helps thicken the sauce but gives it a little added sweetness. The reduction is made in the same pan as the steak, which enhances the flavor even more.

Steak Soup and Stew Recipes

Whether they’re cooked in a Crock-Pot, dutch oven, or a large pot, steak soups and stews are an easy option when you’re looking to toss ingredients together and walk away. Better yet? Your home will be filled with aromatic scents, enticing even the pickiest eaters to come to the table.

7. Steak Soup

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Steak soup via @yourhomebasedmom

Nothing says warm and cozy like a bowl of hearty, meaty soup! And this recipe from Leigh Anne Wilkes creates more than just a run-of-the-mill soup—it’s a full dinnertime meal, with beef, potatoes, carrots, and a handful of other veggies served up all in one delicious bowl. 

8. Mom’s Slow Cooker Beef Stew

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Slow cooker beef stew via @ambitiouskitchen

Put ingredients in the pot. Turn on. Walk away… for seven hours. It’s that simple. Few things sound more appealing than a minimal-effort recipe for a weekday night. What’s more, you’ll love the flavor bursting from Ambitious Kitchen’s steak stew recipe. Fresh herbs, garlic cloves, and red wine come together to bring this classic recipe to new heights.   

Steak Roast Recipes

Let your oven do the work in these steak roast dinner recipes. After dry-rubbing the meat with herbs and flavors of your choosing, pop it in the oven to roast, requiring very little maintenance and work on your end.  

9. Roast New York Strip Loin With Garlic Crust

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New York strip steak roast. 

Seasoned with sage and thyme, this roasted steak, courtesy of Epicurious, will fill your entire home with warm autumn flavors. While this recipe does require a little more time than others on this list, it won’t disappoint. Dry rub the steak with the herb paste and refrigerate at least an hour before cooking (or do this the day before, if you’re short on time). You’ll then roast the steak in the oven for roughly 50 minutes and, voilà! You have a New York strip steak roast on the table.

10. Herb Crusted Beef Top Loin Roast With Pan Gravy

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Slicing into a tender steak roast. 

The total preparation and cooking time for this dish from the Spruce Eats is only 75 minutes, which means, in just over an hour, you’ll have a perfectly roasted steak loin prepped and ready to serve… and eat! After dry rubbing the meat with a blend of flavorful herbs and spices, you’ll place the loin on the roast rack, fat-side up. This ensures that while the steak is roasting, the melting fat drips down the sides, adding more savory goodness to the overall finish. 

Steak Casserole Recipes

What’s easier than a casserole? Combine steak with some pantry essentials in a casserole dish, and you’ll have a hearty meal to bake (and for the whole family to devour).  

11. Swiss Steak Casserole

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Swiss steak casserole via @dandaraganorganicbeef

A Swiss casserole is a dump-and-bake recipe that requires little in terms of presentation. This Betty Crocker classic comes together with fiery paprika, earthy mushrooms, diced carrots, stewed tomatoes, and a few other basic ingredients. After lightly cooking cubed pieces of steak and the vegetables in a pan, simply put everything into a casserole dish and bake!

12. Slow-Cooked Steak Diane Casserole

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Steak casserole via

This casserole from Kitchen Sanctuary is perfect for winter evenings when you’re craving something warm and comforting. Begin by browning cubes of steak in a stovetop pan with olive oil. In this same pan, toss in diced onion, minced garlic, and tomato puree to get the flavors cooking. Then add in a splash of brandy or whisky. Finish off the ingredients with Worcestershire sauce, beef stock, and mushrooms. After pan-frying for a few minutes, put the contents either in a Crock-Pot or in the oven to cook to perfection. 

Sheet Pan Steak Recipes

Sheet pan steak dinner ideas are versatile yet simple. Choose any variety of potato and vegetables to toss on the sheet pan with your meat, and you’ll have a well-rounded meal ready to serve with minimal cleanup afterward.                                           

13. Sheet Pan Steak and Fries

potatoes and steak
Source: unsplash
Steak and russet potato wedges.

Tasty gives new life to the tried-and-true meat and potatoes, and it’s a two-for-one special: two foods on one pan. Slice two whole potatoes into eight wedges each, then place them on the sheet pan and season to taste with salt and pepper. After they’ve cooked for some time, you’ll place your steaks on the same sheet pan and broil them for just five minutes on each side. Steak dinner is served! 

14. Parmesan Crusted Steak and Potato Sheet Pan Dinner

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Steak dinner ideas – try crispy-edged steak and potatoes. 

Crispy edges and tender insides are made even better by a coating of Parmesan cheese. Generously season the potatoes, steak, and asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and Parmesan to create a crunchy outer layer packed with flavor. This sheet pan steak recipe from Lemons and Zest comes together in a pinch and cooks nearly as quickly!


With this list of top-notch recipes and steak-perfecting tips, you really can’t go wrong. No matter the method of cooking you choose, you’re going to love the flavorful dish you create!

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