The best way to get your class discovered on Skillshare is to share it with your own community – your friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers. 

Marketing your class is an essential step in getting discovered on the platform. What’s more? You’ll also receive a $10 referral bonus for every new paying student you refer to Skillshare. Check out these 12 creative ways that our top teachers encourage their community to watch their class.

1. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to support you by WATCHING YOUR CLASS (for free)

Animator Mike Martin emailed his friends and family and asked them to support him and his new class. He created a free access link for them in the “Promote” section of his class creator to make joining his class even easier. 

2. Share a class teaser on your social media channels

Food Blogger Becky Sue shared a 15-second video clip from her class on Instagram to give potential students a quick sneak peek. See Becky Sue’s post here.


3. Write a fun post for your blog or website 

Food blogger Marie Asselin drafted a quick blog post about her newest Macaron class. She included drool-worthy pictures, a quick class overview, and shared a few insights on the class creation process. Check out her post here.


4. Share a handful of free ACCESS LINKS on your social media channels

Designer and Illustrator Jesse LeDoux shared a free access link on his Facebook page, and his followers were excited by the special opportunity to watch for free!

5. Host a contest or giveaway

Designer Mete Erdogan offered a signed copy of his new book to get more of his Instagram followers excited to watch his new class. 


6. Reach out to 5-10 blogs

Designer Andrew Fairclough reached out to multiple blogs whose community he thought might be interested in class, and a handful agreed to feature him! Check out one of Andrew’s blog features here.


7. Create a class hashtag


Artist Ria Sharon created an Instagram hashtag to house all her student projects! See her class hashtag here.

8. Repost your student projects on social media

Motion Graphic Artist Jake Bartlett shared his student projects on his social media channels to show his followers that he was personally invested in his students’ work. See the post here.


9. Engage with your students through your class community board


Photographer Andre Wagner actively engaged with his students through his community section, which inspired them to tell their friends about his class! Check out Andre’s Community Board here.  

10. Drum up student excitement before you launch your class

Pinterest Queen Peg Fitzpatrick let her following know about her upcoming class weeks before she published to build awareness and excitement within her community! See Peg’s post here.


11. Create a sense of urgency to WATCH

Food bloggers Ceri and Laura offered a free access link to the first five people to tag a friend in their class announcement post on Instagram. Check out the post here.


12. Promote your class in a Facebook group

App Marketer Steve Young shared a free access link with 50 people for his App Store Optimization Class! He made the post within a private Facebook group specifically geared towards app makers.


Need more help with marketing? Check out our free class on teacher marketing, or head to theTeacher Handbook for more tips and tricks. 

Written by:

Nicole Kamra