Jing Wei is a successful, Brooklyn-based illustrator whose flat, colorful work can be found on advertisements, packaging, and the pages of editorial clients like The New Yorker and The New York Times. She credits her background in printmaking for influencing her distinct style, but her Instagram feed shows a continually evolving creative spirit, one that finds inspiration everywhere — and inspires us in turn!

If you need a little artistic pick-me-up, check out these eleven times Jing Wei’s Instagram inspired us to be more creative.

When she shared her creative process…

…before getting down to business:

When she took on an entire office wall for Etsy…

…and gave us a reminder to remember

When she showed up in The New York Times…

…and shared her winter reading

When she rediscovered an old friend…

…and got soft on us

…and an important piece of life advice

Feeling inspired? Share your favorite in the comments below!

Want more insights into Jing Wei’s creative process? Check out her new class, Digital Illustration: Streamlining Your Process with Adobe Tools, now on Skillshare!

Written by:

Rachel Gorman