workshop 2017

workshop 2017 - student project

Hallo Elisa, hallo Everyone!

I know, that this is the last week of the workshop, but... can I join you? :)

Elisa, I want to thank you for your classes, ideas, paintings and above all for your attention, heart and serenity - you are an amazing teacher and artist.

I must say something to all participants too - I can't count how many times I watched the gallery - your paintings and stories are so inspiring and so delightful!

My paintings are probably less imaginative and more minimalistic and based on observation. It's a kind of comfort zone for me now, but maybe some day I will get out of it :)

Here they are:

28. electronic device

I portrayed the little iPod nano. It's pretty old (oh deer - 10 years!) but still works like a charm.

workshop 2017 - image 1 - student project

27. interior

Favourite tea-house. In fact there are many more tables and chairs inside, but it was too many to paint for me ;)

workshop 2017 - image 2 - student project

25. pile

After a few days of looking for the idea I formed a little pile from my favourite nuts. If I could have an octagon nuts container painted by Elisa, pistachios box had been emptied as first.

workshop 2017 - image 3 - student project

24. night scene

For the night scene I choose probably the most beautiful church in Warsaw. It is located in the New Town (New Town have started to be new in 14th century ;) Now it belongs to the Old Town - the oldest part of Warsaw). This church is like a beautiful white pearl. Searching it's english name I found out that this is St. Casimir church or Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Church. We name it simply: Holy Sacrament Sisters Church. I love drawing architecture (thanks to Julia Henze and her skillshare classes I have enough courage to do it), but it was the first time when I did it in the night :)

workshop 2017 - image 4 - student project


23. spiral

I was looking for spirals, but nothing came to my mind. And It was like a revelation - pencil sharpener can do the one for me ;)

workshop 2017 - image 5 - student project

22. cleaning tool

Every Saturday this guy has it's time. He eats dust like crazy (sometimes eats something different unintentionally, last time an umbrella cover). And I admit - I portrayed him only, my beloved husband did all the vacuuming.

workshop 2017 - image 6 - student project

20. fragile

I had beautiful hydrangea on my balcony few years ago. It was blue at the beginning and turn to purple at the end of the summer. Unfortunately it didn't survive cold polish winter (despite the fact that I covered it like the Versailles statues painted by Olivia). I dried one of it's flower - now it's almost colorless, but I love the beauty of it's fragile petals.

workshop 2017 - image 7 - student project

19. light and shadow

I live at the end of the town surrounded by charming green places. One of them is a park with rosarium at the center. In the summer it's plenty of colorful, wonderfully smelling roses and countless busy bees. Now, in the winter, rosarium is sparkling with cheerful, red rosehips. I cought this view in winter sunny day.

workshop 2017 - image 8 - student project

18. wide

This is the second favourite place in our surroundings - the forest. It's separated from the town by filds full of grain (or cabbage) in the summer, now full of snow ;) My husband took the photo (it was terribly cold) in the moment when forest was covered with mist. I tried to paint it at home. Because of the mist I didn't use a pen ;)

workshop 2017 - image 9 - student project

17. seldom used things

I've looked around and saw this red enameled pot on the kitchen shelf. I bought it because of it's beautiful shape and color. It's a joyful red point in my kitchen. But, in fact, I've never used it as a pot.

workshop 2017 - image 10 - student project


16. unclean

This cup was waiting for me on the kitchen table. Beautifully decorated with morning coffee after-effects ;)
I painted it in white and took a photo. After that I ruined my painting by adding roses and ugly shades :/ Sometimes less is more.

workshop 2017 - image 11 - student project

workshop 2017 - image 12 - student project

15. tangled

With no doubts my earphones get tangled every time when I want to use them :)

workshop 2017 - image 13 - student project

14. creased

This is my husband's shirt. I don't know how long it's waiting for ironing. But I still haven't time to do this. I spent an hour and painted it instead. Thank you Elisa :)))

workshop 2017 - image 14 - student project

13. overused

The most overused thing I have is a pair of dancing shoes. This is how they look after my dance lesson :)

workshop 2017 - image 15 - student project

12. something tall

Tall winter tree. With branches high in the sky :)

workshop 2017 - image 16 - student project

11. organic shapes

These are pebbles and pieces of wood found at the seashore in the summer. I love touching them (they are so soft) and still have some in my jacket pockets.

workshop 2017 - image 17 - student project

9. never seen before

This is another story of the flower. I bought these hyacinths last spring. I planned to save them after blooming, clean up bulbs and left in a cool place till the next spring. It's a shame, but I didn't. I've left them for a while in the darkest place in my kitchen and forgot about them completely. I remembered about them recently and thought I had to throw them away. But surprisingly - I've found little green sprouts on every bulb! How big is the strength of life!

workshop 2017 - image 18 - student project

8. cartoon

I've found these girls on the package of organic tea. They look crazy, I know. It was the first picture I painted in this workshop.

workshop 2017 - image 19 - student project

7. rest

I haven't time to rest recently. My favourite chair, blanket and book are waiting for me for so long.

workshop 2017 - image 20 - student project

6. spices

Of course cinnamon is the king. But I decided to paint little coriander seeds. We like so much the fresh oriental taste that their add to our meals.

workshop 2017 - image 21 - student project

4. edible

It was a birthday present baked for me overnight by my husband. Very, very special baklava filled with ground pistachios, wallnuts and almonds and above all filled with love.

workshop 2017 - image 22 - student project

3. playful

I look forward to them every winter. Blue tits. I always have sunflower seeds for them on my balcony. It's such a joy to watch them, they are so playful and quick. I portreyed the one using a photo from the bird atlas.

workshop 2017 - image 23 - student project

2. temporary

Today this tape is like a dinosaur. I bought it in my childhood for my first pocket money, maybe because of the mysterious cover, but I loved listening to it too. Now I don't have a tape-player, but Scheherezade is still with me. Temporary or forever silent.

workshop 2017 - image 24 - student project

1. colorful

I don't have many colorful clothes. But I love colorful bags :) This is one of my favourite. Perfect for the summer bike trips - now in the middle of winter sleep.

workshop 2017 - image 25 - student project