which one??

which one?? - student project

at least 70% of all my videos were created with Gopro Studio, until I got Premiere, it wsa the only way to change the footage correctly from 60, or 48, to 24 or 30 fps.    but it was such a time and space hog.    hundreds of gigs and thousands of hours.   all fixed with a click in Premiere...   but this is Studio - this is a montage of my first 5 years with the Gopro.   I chose this one because I used a few effects that are what Gopro Studio is good for.    speeding things up and slowing them down.    Since I only got 1 second per edit, some were slowed, some were sped up. to get more or less out of certain "seconds"


note - at 1:50 is where I switched from the Hero1 to a Hero3+ black.   even with youtube you can totally see the difference.   The slo mo gets a lot better too



Mark Walker