sma5h hype: the project

sma5h hype: the project - student project

if you've been on the internet in the past, i don't know, 5 months or so, you probably know super smash brothers 5 is comin down the pipe for a holiday season release, and if you're a longtime series fan, you'll probably remember the familiar refrain of "RIDLEY WHEN????" 
as it happens, ridley is now. the smash team has finally made a game big enough to house him, and i couldn't be more stoked. naturally, given his iconic design and status as my main-to-be, i decided to use him as a proportion test bed.

for reference, this is ridley as he appears in smash 5:


sma5h hype: the project - image 1 - student project

oh you've gotta be kidding me right now



sma5h hype: the project - image 2 - student project

sma5h hype: the project - image 3 - student project

there we go.

not my favorite incarnation (he's really been slacking on his skincare routine, yikes) but a good, solid, decent alien space pirate dragon-pterosaur... thing.

so obviously i'm gonna mess that all up. 

sma5h hype: the project - image 4 - student project

this was my first rough pass; a small, stylized version which looks vaguely like the above, but a lot cutesier. 

sma5h hype: the project - image 5 - student project

for my second pass, i took a different tack: instead of downplaying the angularity and lankiness, i played it up. 

sma5h hype: the project - image 6 - student project

my third pass, and the one i wound up developing, was this little number. the inspiration here was another smash newcomer -- the infamous, long-absent and highly requested king k. rool of donkey kong country fame. the concept here was to rework ridley in the style of dkc, which is a brightly colored, lighthearted and heavily stylized game that likes to lean into expressive faces and top-heavy designs. above is a breakdown of some of my design choices. 

sma5h hype: the project - image 7 - student project

and here's the (roughly) finished project! i'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out. 

if you've managed to read this far, take one more bonus ridley: 

sma5h hype: the project - image 8 - student project