Workshop!! - Florencia

Workshop!! - Florencia - student project


I took my time to think what inspires me to draw. I then connected it with the last prompt and what I found interesting and I remembered that when I took illustration lessons two years ago, we used to go with the teacher to parks and sightseeing points to draw. I started with the small things: pots, plants, flowers, ironworks and lanterns, everything that I described on my last prompt! I think that getting to see those things on spot made me experience them differently. Later on I started to get confident at sketching and I wanted to capture buildings and houses, their fronts.

Architecture still inspires me a lot and I take pictures so I can draw what I see later at home. But nowadays what inspires me the most are interior views, from houses or coffee shops, museums, furniture and decoration.  I think it has to do with the fact that I'm always thinking on what would be nice for my home, color setting, lamps, furniture... That's why I decided to sketch the part of my home that I love the most: my library. I hope you like it, it combines my books and my boyfriends'.

I'm sad the workshop is finishing, but I wanted to thank Elisa for giving us the chance to express ourselves through sketches. The prompts were great and getting to see what other people draw was really inspiring. I love every feedback and comments and I enjoyed giving feedback as well!

I'm going to miss this space!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 1 - student project



What always captures my attention are the little details. Intricate patterns, flowers and plants in the middle of the city, ironworks, and outdoor lanterns. I love them. Buenos Aires is full of these, mostly in parks and historical places.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 2 - student project



This is my JBL speaker my boyfriend brought from Chile. We use it all the time mostly at night while cooking and chilling, it sounds perfect and allows us to bring music to every room of the house.


Workshop!! - Florencia - image 3 - student project


I love this place. It's a 129 years old coffee shop called "Las Violetas". Its architecture is beautiful and full of vitraux art. I went there today with my mother and sister, they joined me while I was sketching and painting  there. After we finished our coffees and I finished with the drawing, the waiter introduced me to an old man who was sitting in another table sketching as well. We talked for a while and he was really nice!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 4 - student project


This is the hallway of my building. With Boris waiting for me while I sketched it!! It's half block long, a really long hallway full of aparments . Mine is upstairs! This actually continues the sketch of the door I made some prompts ago :)

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 5 - student project


I've had this pile of books I have at home sketched for three days or so waiting to be painted. I guess I didn't choose the best time to do it because I wasn't in my best mood and after doing the first wash I went too far with the splatter. A day later I can see that I expressed my current mood through the splatter and now I kind of like it! 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 6 - student project


Just on the corner of my block there's this nice Mexican restaurant that on Saturdays has mariachis and everything! It's pretty hilarious when the mariachis get out of the cab all dressed up, sing three of four songs and then take another cab to some other restaurant.

It was a hard assignment! But I liked the challenge! I still have a lot of trouble leaving some white on the page while painting. I guess it takes confidence and time...

Hope you like it!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 7 - student project



Roses always seemed spiral to me. I don't know if they really are but that's how I see their petals.

I went to south argentina this summer and got the chance to see the perito moreno glacier for the first time. It was awesome! The city where we stayed is called Calafate and it was full of bloomed roses on the sidewalks and front yards. I painted this from a picture I took back there.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 8 - student project


I'm catching up with prompts! This was a very busy week for me with work and everything. But always had the topics in mind just what happend with baby Maximo :)

For this prompt I chose my dish soap dispenser and sponge. I love that one! I got it before my boyfriend and I moved togheter and it brings color to my kitchen!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 9 - student project


Yesterday I met Máximo. He is the three months old baby of a dear friend of mine. I couldn't stop watching him playing with his butterfly toy. He's so peaceful and quiet that he couldn't have fit better for yesterday's prompt!

I hope you like it!


Workshop!! - Florencia - image 10 - student project


I think my cactus is dying, again. A friend gave me this one, then it started growing, but after some time I might have drown it because it started to fell and get softer so I took it out of the pot and put it straight into water (No logic involved) and it magically started to grow again. After a while I decided to put it back in this small pot and it started falling again!

I'm not very happy about this drawing. I realised that in my last three works I used the same palette and brown is not my favorite color. I'll change it in the next one!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 11 - student project


This is my boyfriend's new chess set! He's been trying to make me play with him but I'm new to the game and I've lost every match so far. I tried to use different colors to make the shadows this time. 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 12 - student project


There are a lot of mural art works in Buenos Aires and I find it fascinating! This huge one is beautiful and it's located near my office. I particularly like it because it's not only a beautiful mural but it's also been painted on what used to be a building wall. Once I started drawing it I realised it was actually pretty hard with all the details and colors. 

What you see are all this little "boxes", that's where the rooms of the house or building used to be. You can see that most of the walls were painted in light blue tones, and that in some areas you can see the bricks.

There are also small constructions at the top of the wall, I believe they come from next door buildings. 

This wall is so inspiring! I really enjoyed sketching it. 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 13 - student project


I bought this beautiful pack of Winsor and Newton inks last year and I've used them a few times but then I started using a watercolor set that I found easier do deal with. A few weeks ago I tried to used them again but most of the bottle caps are stuck! I think I'll put them in hot water, but I don't want the water to mess with the pigments... 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 14 - student project


This is my incense holder with its burn out strawberry incense stick and its ashes!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 15 - student project


I was having a hard time finding something tangled to draw and I saw my dog Boris just lying next to me with his tangled, curly, dirty hair.  So I took a picture of him and draw from there his tangled curls. There was no way to do it with the living reference, he's constantly moving! He looks like an english shepherd but he's actually a long haired poodle. 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 16 - student project


This is my backpack! I love it, it comes with me everywhere I go. It has even climbed mount fitz roy with me this January (well, to be fare, my boyfriend carried it to the top. It was actually pretty heavy!)

Great challenge, Elisa! It was pretty difficult and I'm not a hundred percent happy with the result but I've been avoiding creases since I started drawing and painting, so It was about time! I sticked to one color this time, because I think it's easier to deal with value contrast this way.

I need to keep on practicing!! 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 17 - student project



I laughed when at some point of the painting process I stoped and saw that I was actually using my worn out sandals as a reference, and that they were lying on the table beside my watercolors. 

I might have not pictured how overused they are, but believe me they are!! They have some stains on the leather strips and the soles are coming loose. My sister keeps telling me to buy new ones, but I really love this ones, they are really comfy!! They already know where my big toe and heel go, so I appreciate them for that. 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 18 - student project


This is the front door of my building. I love it specially at sunset, because you can see the yellow sunshine coming through the door. I tried to capture that but it was really difficult for me.

This iron door is also pretty tall!! And it's even cooler from the outside, because you can see the textures on the ironwork.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 19 - student project



Today I went to the park again to find some organic shapes and try to draw them free-form style. I think my dog is enjoying this workshop as much as I am since he got to go to the park two days in a row!!

I found this assignment interesting because it took me out of my comfort zone. First, I forgot the pen I used for all my drawings, Micron #1, and I accidentally took a #5, so I had to deal with the thicker lines. And secondly, I was kind of lost on how to connect the shapes to get one piece, so later at home I tried to do it while painting with watercolor. The result is a different style, but I still like it.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 20 - student project


I went to the park to find someone to sketch and paint, and I found this lady with her kid, she was breastfeeding and I thought it was a beautiful scene. The moment I started drawing an old lady came to sit right next to me and we talked the whole time, it was really nice. 

This is my first time painting outdoors and I enjoyed it a lot. As I challenged myself to finish the painting in the park, I tried to use only a few colors and layers.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 21 - student project


Today I was walking my dog and I saw that the grocery store I always walk by had this beautiful and colorful new mural on its wall. The place was closed and the black shutters were down. I didn't like how the black looked so I decided to try with the splatter again, but this time I messed it up. Anyway, as Megan said in one of her works, it doesn't have to be perfect!


Workshop!! - Florencia - image 22 - student project



My grandmother came to visit me this evening and she brought me this box of little alfajores (argentinian treat). I loved the drawings in the box! It's my first time doing the splatter as well and I think next time I should use a bigger brush.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 23 - student project


I drew my sibilings from a picture I took of them last November. Anytime I want to rest my mind a little bit I go back to those few days at the beach with them. We'd just came back from Disney World, we were truly happy but really tired, and the hotel where we were staying had this hot tube my little brother loved.

I remember myself enjoying the sea as well, but I yet don't know how to draw me doing that! 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 24 - student project


I usually don't cook at home, my boyfriend does. But we both love adding fresh black pepper to our food!! So I drew our pepper mill. It's special because my mother in law brought it to us from Morocco! 

Hope you like it

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 25 - student project


I take the subway every day to work. Last week I started to take a small notebook to the subway station with me to sketch people . I think it's a good way to practice because you get to see a variety of body shapes, postures and faces. They don't usually notice what I'm doing, because they are all focused on their phones or books. Yesterday, a policeman on the subway station started walking towards me, maybe he thought what I was doing was kind of suspicious because he stoped right next to me and stared at me the whole time. I think next time I should draw him!

I started drawing this girl today because I loved the pattern on her denim jacket. Then I drew this guy that was doing a weird posture with his right leg, but I didn't get it right.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 26 - student project


These are Cabsha bites (argentinian treats), they are made of chocolate and filled with milk caramel (dulce de leche)! 

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 27 - student project


This table makes me smile! It reminds me of my grandmother and our long afternoons playing cards after school. I'm grateful she's still alive and cooks "tortas fritas" for me (those delicious brown things on the plate). The blue boot is a plastic cup with a straw on the hat, I loved to drink chocolate milk in there!

I'm not quite proud of this sketch, I messed up with proportions because I no longer have this plastic cup and I had to draw it straight from my memory. I should've sketched this with a pencil before inking it. I thought on doing it all over again but I prefered to stick with this version and try to improve it. 

Anyway, I guess it's not that bad if it still can make me smile and think about my grandma and those beautiful afternoons :)


Workshop!! - Florencia - image 28 - student project

Day 2: Temporary

Today on my way to work I saw this butterfly and it made me think instantly on the prompt! When the butterfly stoped on the sidewalk I took a picture so I could draw it at home. It wasn't a colorful butterfly, but it popped up into my sight on a really crowded city. I thought it was there to make me remember not to miss the little things because they can fly away in seconds.

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 29 - student project


Hi everyone! Yesterday, my sister gave me this colorful and beautiful blanket as a souvenir (and early birthday present) from her trip to northern argentina. Even though it's summer here in Argentina and it's getting hotter with each passing day, I couldn't wait to dress my coach with the blanket. 

Hope you like it!

Workshop!! - Florencia - image 30 - student project