Wild Swans

Wild Swans - student project

Wild Swans - image 1 - student projectI have wanted to create repeat patterns for a long time now. I took an evening class in digital drawing at a well known college of art in Scotland and although the tutor was lovely I have definitely learnt more about creating repeat patterns for surface design on this course- thanks Peggy. I work full time (in a non creative job for a great charity- which I also love) but I travel a lot and this means I can now produce creative work on the go. This pattern was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale Wild Swans. I hope I’ll be able to produce more in the coming months and start working towards a creative career of my own. 

Thoughts when following the coursework- I do find the need to put the background colour in before transferring to a new document limits my colour options later on as it seems to be more difficult to recolour the whole image without leaving traces of the previous background colour (on the iPad anyway). Maybe at the point of creating the repeat tile I could make the new file double that of the transparent png being used as the repeat pattern rather than the same as the original file with a background colour. Does that make sense? I’ll give it a bash... thanks again Peggy! - Nicola (aka... Envy Row on instagram)

Nicola Walker

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