What's Popping Up?

What's Popping Up? - student project

I like that phrase and have some ideas for it?  Something with animals and a cute little kid who's curious about everything.

I really enjoyed these videos. I am reminded of my experience these days.

I will start with a word or maybe an old idea. I will think about why I created that art. If I am working on a new piece I just think about everything I love and just paint or draw. I want to just let my heart flow out on the page, and that way I tell my story. 

Today I was sketching the word spunk. I was watching Pippi and just loved the curiosity she had with the word spunk.  She was obsessed with it and somehow I love it just as I did as a kid.  I just thought about the word and a quote. Note sure how I want to go about the artwork? 

Hearing you talk about the process for your book was awesome! . Well that is the very same thing that  happened to me. I am obsessed with nature and the role that bees play. I mean they are small and not even supposed to fly but they do. Everything in nature has a place and just like people. We all have a purpose and I believe us kids know it but somewhere along the way we forgot because we grow up. I want my art to be playful.

I have this idea for a book. Remember my book idea from your class? I have been working on my book ever since. I read my first book script to kids and I didn't get the reaction I wanted - reaction that other awesome books give. I have been writing and writing/ My best writing has been where I just take time to revel in the characters and dream of these characters. I reflect on the children and experiences I see. Then this summer I sat and just stated writing. Now I am thinking I need to create a 1st grade chapter ready book? I have stumbled on other ideas too.

I just had to share this but for this project I will work on the spunk idea or maybe the What's Popping Up? I will listen to the world around me and see what happens.


What's Popping Up?

  • I have been curious these days.
  • watched an eye on LA episode on unusual landmarks of interest "What's That?"
  • worked on a project for my lettering challenge which lead me to think about curiosity and losing yourself and going mad
  • sketching for the spunk quote and letting ideas happen.
  • painting
  • chance Dada art you talked about in your previous class

What's Popping Up? - image 1 - student project

More Pictures to come.

You should always be curious about the world around you. Believe in your imagination. There are no impossibilities.  This is something we kids master right? Kids always ask why?

I will create a mood board of what I am curious about? These make me ask who and why? Make me feel there are no impossibilities.

What's Popping Up? - image 2 - student project

This morning I felt  the need to sketch this?

What's Popping Up? - image 3 - student project

I always am thinking about something. I wanted something carefree and that has you thinking...hence what's popping up?


Mireya .