What if?

What if? - student project

100 What If Scenarios 


  1. What If I never met my best friends?
  2. What if I chose another profession?
  3. What if I never cheated on my first boyfriend and ended up being with him?
  4. What if I didn’t move from my hometown?
  5. What if I had a dog?
  6. What if people could buy one super power? 
  7. What if we all knew the world would end in 100 days? 
  8. What if people never died?
  9. What If all knew what is our death date?
  10. What if we could know who we were destined to be with? 
  11. What if we lived in a few dimensions at a time? 
  12. What if we live in a matrix?
  13. What if I were a lesbian?
  14. What if I was born a boy?
  15. What if I lived in Paris?
  16. What if I met Charlie Puth in real life?
  17. What if I had a child at the age of 16?
  18. What if I was raised in a full family?
  19. What if all people had equal incomes and living conditions?
  20. What if there was no art? 
  21. What if people could learn to fly as they can learn to swim?
  22. What if when we sleep we actually live a real life and when we’re awake it’s just a dream?  
  23. What if one day the gravity changes and we can no longer keep our feet on the ground? 
  24. What if I people could never tell lies? 
  25. What if in 10 years we’ll have the medicine from getting old?
  26. What if it’s not a crime to love a few people at a time? 
  27. What if I did not get married and ran away from my marriage?
  28. What if I kissed every boy I ever liked? 
  29. What if I was born in a royal family?
  30. What if people could see alternative futures and make decisions based on that? 
  31. What if there were no countries and borders at all? 
  32. What if everything in the world was free?
  33. What if men could give birth to kids, too? 
  34. What if cats could talk? 
  35. What if I could read other people’s minds? 
  36. What if I knew for sure there is no God?
  37. What if we could choose our parents? 
  38. What if we could download a new language into our brain in a second?
  39. What if it was out of law to have family and friends?
  40. What if we had to choose five foods to eat for the rest of our lives?
  41. What if we found a cure from every disease? 
  42. What if we had a sight of an eagle?
  43. What if you choose your color skin, your body, your gender, your hair color?
  44. What if there was a time machine? 
  45. What if the world was literally black and white? 
  46. What if people didn’t have to eat at all?
  47. What if my devices at home connected to some machine and started a war against me?
  48. What if I was born 50 years earlier?
  49. What if I moved to Montenegro to live with my mom?
  50. What if I stayed in Israel? 
  51. What if I woke up to be the last person on Planet Earth?
  52. What if I was kidnapped by aliens?
  53. What if I was living on another planet and could watch the earth from afar? 
  54. What if we did not have to sleep at all?
  55. What if we woke up to a world where there is no internet and mobile connection? 
  56. What if we had a president of the world?
  57. What if I did not have to work at all, what would I do?
  58. What if I knew a person I love will die in 5 days? 
  59. What if I could live a life of a famous personality? 
  60. What if I woke up in a body of another person?
  61. What I had to jump from a helicopter with no parachute with a 10 percent chance of survival?
  62. What if I won a chance to be among the first 10 immigrants to Mars?
  63. What if I meditated for 5 hours a day?
  64. What if I learned to be a pilot?
  65. What if I could have dinner with my older self? 
  66. What if I could stop time so no-one would notice?
  67. What If one day all people lost their memory?
  68. What if I can manipulate people? 
  69. What if seasons never changed?
  70. What if there was no day and night, only twilight? 
  71. What if I could heal people by simply touching them?
  72. What if I was lost in a jungle?
  73. What if people invented teleport and it was as cheap as an Uber? 
  74. What if I fell in love with a serial killer? 
  75. What if I figured out I am an Android?
  76. What if I was to decide if it’s my mom or my husband dies?
  77. What I knew I could never have children?
  78. What if I could get a C-Level job in any company in the world?
  79. What if I can take all my friends and family and apartment I live in and move to any corner of planet earth?
  80. What if I risked everything and gave a chance to something I never dared to try?
  81. What if I left home with a one way ticket to Jamaica and never turned back? 
  82. What if I knew I have to pick a city and country I’ll spend the rest of my life in?
  83. What if I had to pick five people to spend the rest of my life with? 
  84. What if it was not allowed to live with someone?
  85. What if we could breathe underwater? 
  86. What if I met a golden fish which could make three of my wishes come true?
  87. What if I fell in love with a very religious guy?
  88. What if I won a million dollars?
  89. What I could choose between living 100 years of average life and 50 years of happy wealthy life?
  90. What if we could choose in which circumstances we will die? 
  91. What if I had to choose between a life of a monk and a life of a rock star? 
  92. What if I could become invisible for a week and follow/watch people of my life without being noticed? 
  93. What if we had to live the rest of our lives locked down in our homes?
  94. What if we knew that if we build a skyscraper high enough, we’ll figure out if the god exists?
  95. What if there’s a room you can enter to talk with people who are no longer alive? 
  96. What if there is life after death?
  97. What if we could travel from body to body until we found a perfect fit for ourselves?
  98. What if I was nominated to be a president of the Universe?
  99. What if there were no such things as sins or cheating?
  100. What if we found a formula of eternal happiness and its components were cheap and easily accessible?

Oksana Tunikova

designer of the words.